Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


I’d be surprised if any padded envelopes are able to go through as a letter


Wow! Another seller bashing policy. When will it stop Amazon?


Exactly it worked well for me for years, I’m not a big seller but I have many happy repeat customers.
I understand things change but Amazon was once opened to all sellers. I Feel Amazon is so big now they don’t seem to understand that there is a lot of smaller sellers on here still as well.
I have followed the rules the whole way though on here and always done what amazon asked but it just get more confusing.


You’re right they can’t go through as a letter. I was replying to JoG who asked about price of padded envelopes.


The amazon email doesn’t seem to make any sense. ambiguous at best & downright confusing at the worst. What is the matter with them. I am down to earth and don’t speak that gobledegook language. I want simple & clear msgs that actually make sense from Amazon. I have a good education so they can’t pull the wool over my eyes.


So for UK to Europe orders, I ship using Royal Mail International Standard.

Does anyone have any idea what I select so it doesn’t impact VTR?


VTR is only for domestic orders


Mail Lite A/000 & B/00 do as long as they don’t contain anything thicker than a couple mm :smiley:


I’m actually using small Poundland envelope at the mo because the price is so good.


Really don’t like how Amazon tell YOU how to run YOUR business


In amazons eyes, they are telling YOU how to send orders to THEIR customers :wink:


so orders on the other marketplaces that we send from the UK to say Germany for example do not need tracking?


This latest announcement is literally nothing new, except that it mentions ‘Soon…’

It has been the case for a while now that they have advised to only use Stamps/Franking for letter sized objects, and that when dispatching large letters/parcels to ensure a barcoded RM service is used. Complete lack of understanding that some sellers actually do use untracked stamps or franking for large letter/parcels with no problems.

For a while, they haven’t grasped the fact that the barcodes on standard un-tracked RM 1st/2nd class orders do not contain either tracking, or a delivery confirmation (at least not yet), meaning that this barcode is completely useless for the purpose of VTR since even when not scanned, which it obviously isn’t except for internal RM use, it cannot be ‘verified’ by them as being a valid tracking ID. Just simply spewing out this same old tired announcement shows that they still don’t get it.

Not sure how Amazon can recognise if an item is sent via letter, large letter, or parcel, unless they start using the package dimensions in product listings, but I’m not even sure this is a compulsory feature when listing a product so that’ll no doubt be the next one that is made so if it isn’t already.


Hear hear! I can send out 3 greeting cards in one letter sized envelope, under 100g - but the thickness is just over the 0.5mm. So it gets sent, with an old fashioned post office stick on stamp as 2nd class large letter.
So now it’s officially a large letter and are Amz applying different rules between letters and large letters when the item being sent could be either, just depending on your packaging?
I doubt very very much any of them have any idea of the intricacies of RM’s pricing structure (which even as a seller, can drive you nuts trying to figure out what to charge the customer every time the price goes up).
And I appreciate that, as hard as I try to be sure, the announcement is, as has been said probably just the same with “soon”.


Be helpful if they told everybody what ‘soon’ actually means.

Imagine if we told their system we’d be dispatching that order ‘soon’ :slight_smile:


Strange, Amazon pleads to HMRC that they are only a platform and yet they run everyone’s business on here. Not too sure how they get away with that, and here is yet another example.


Not for VTR but I’d never send an international order without tracking


When is ‘soon’? Do we know if this comes into effect next week, next month, or next year?
I need to know what my levels of panic this Christmas Season will be. lol. If anyone has the date or the estimate pls share :slight_smile:


NEXT PLEASE, its like a conveyor belt at my local supermarket.

The cashier can see you struggling to pack the bags and then thinks its funny to speed up the belt :joy::rofl::joy:

Give it a few weeks and they will no doubt change the refund policy to include the following -

We have listened to our sellers and will be implementing the following to make it easier for you to concentrate on Christmas.
As of the “DATE” we will now automatically issue refunds to the BUYER when they open a returns request.

Should a BUYER not return the item, then we would ask that you raise a case and our dedicated team of AI robots will make a decision base on the information you provide us.



Does this apply to US sellers?