Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


I am just gonna close my seller account…I don’t make a lot on the books I sell so adding in the extra cost of tracking just wipes out any benefit.


You don’t need to send fully tracked
If you are buying at the counter now, just buy on amazon directly instead - it’s cheaper and is OK for vtr


Hopefully this is not relevant for sales sent from France as this would put my postage costs over the value of the item which I do not think is acceptable to Amazon


I wont soon when we move to DPD for our EU postings.

On another matter - have you ever had RM say you have used a cancelled label before?


Hello The_Little Shop

Please can you clarify. If I use Buy Shipping on Amazon for a Post Office Large Letter or Small Parcel (that are not bought with the Signed-For service) and post the item at a Post office, do I get a Valid Tracking Number automatically entered by Amazon?

Thank you for your help



Yes - but I had !
I’d put the wrong weight, reset it, printed a new label and threw the new one away instead of the old - £10 fine made sure I didn’t do it again lol


All shipping purchased through amazon is automatically valid whether its a service with a tracking number or not
It’s automatically updated as soon as you buy the postage - you don’t need to add anything or change anything once you take it to the post office


So it was an honest mistake. How did you track it down?


I checked the bin !
As soon as I saw it as a surcharge I thought it was a mistake but then as I was inputting the weight for an order for the same product- which of course was still wrong , I realised what I’d done


Do you check your open / closed orders each day?


No I log onto my oba account each morning and just check manifests from the last week as any surcharges go there too as well as manifests


I think RM have the right to charge you if you have cancelled a label and then used it as a way to get free carriage… but in your case its a mistake. Would they not refund you?


I honestly don’t know how you’d prove a mistake verses something like an actual technical error so I never tried and just used it as a costly lesson


I did read about someone that did prove it and got a refund. And I also read about someone like you that had no intention and they did refund the money but again its was a long protracted jobsworth type argument coming from them.


it was back in February so not even sure if they’d look at it
you say you had it today for 18 items !
have you gone into click and drop and looked at the total number that were marked as dispatched that day vs the number on the manifest


No - the 18 batch is from a couple of months ago. I queried it and RM said I needed to sign up for some other online system of theirs which needs to manually setup by one of their staff. I have since completed the application tonight and will take a look.

I haven’t put a claim into Royal Mail for over a decade for lost items due to it being such a faf… and this is the kind of braindead nonsense that they come up with.

I received a letter to say track48 was going to cost more than tracked24. They create barriers to me using their products… How dumb are they?


are your tracked24 / tracked48 prices higher than the retail prices to customers on their website?


I’m utterly confused and I wonder if Amazon is really trying to drive small sellers off its platform with unclear policies that are convoluted to implement.

I use Royal Mail for the small amount I sell and most things (mainly old CDs and DVDs) go 1st Class large letter rate. I have the most recent receipt to hand and there is no tracking number on it.

Can anyone state in plain English what I should do? I can not understand the stamps/franking bit at all (maybe I need a sale to process to read the drop down box).


On face value it looks cheaper on the RM site for the small parcel section. But in C&D all I have is the 30kg max parcel option which upon comparison is cheaper than the RM site.

My issue is that I dont sell 30kg items. Our profile is 50g to 3kg with most of the parcels falling below 2kg

How about you?


Gotta laugh at everyone who is saying use the 2d barcode! any of you ever actually scanned it? Its full of customer data, with a tracking number in there somewhere!

So for us to send large letter or packet post, each number would have to be typed in manually!! That can quadruple the time on the pack process and leave it open to massive error.

Also Royal Mail are very clear that “Its is NOT a tracking number”.

Cant use the buy shipping option in Amazon, as it does not allow, nor is configured for people like us that have multiple posting locations, that require multiple manifests etc etc.

So don’t force stuff on us that is not commercially viable!