Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


you can extract the number from C&D once its manifested


With you on this, it is a complication we could do without.


yes you can. But again, it is all time consuming tasks. Then the additional complexity of using 3rd party warehouse management systems, multiple posting locations, etc etc the whole think is just not viable!! It may be that I am forced to take all my large letter products off of amazon!


typo … they meant to say "and so on … ":zipper_mouth_face:


mainly 500g to 1kg but our % mix to NI is higher than it should be on our pricing matrix


Would you be better off sending via the RM website?

In C&D - is your Parcel set as 30kg?

Im pretty sure when we first got introduced onto the tracked services we had been quoted up to 10kg.


our average I think was set at 1kg (but it might have been 2kg)


As you have said several times Amazon don’t say when these impositions will start, only ‘soon’ but what does that mean?

Amazon must be aware that there are problems with scanning though, otherwise they wouldn’t have to include the section on

What happens if my delivery service provider fails to scan my packages?

But instead of helping sellers in any way they are just putting the onus on sellers to sort it out themselves ( *Try and find a resolution with them/*Always make sure you or your integrator provides the correct name of your delivery service provider, the delivery service used, and the tracking or parcel ID ).

It’s appalling, don’t they realise the extra unnecessary work they are creating by having this wretched VTR? And for what benefit? Precious little as far as I can see, either for buyers and certainly not for us sellers


Just like you I have sold through Amazon for years and without any major problems but increasingly they are imposing what for us smaller sellers are ridiculous and inappropriate regulations. They say they are constantly looking for ways to create better customer buying experiences or some such waffle but I cannot see how VTR really does that. I rarely have complaints that items I send are late, in fact many items arrive next day without need of any tracking and from what I read of lack of scanning by RM tracking seems quite unnecessary. I think a major flaw in Amazon’s thinking is that they treat all Marketplace sellers as the same, irrespective of size/volume of sales. it’s a one-size-fits-all approach with no leeway/flexibility. If only they would dream up some ‘better seller experiences’!!!


I’ve noticed that my account number starts at the beginning of my 2D barcodes


In preparation for the inevitable (still using the stamps/franking option at the moment) can someone please advise whether the ID above the 2D barcode has to be entered exactly as it is with the spaces and dashes or just the numbers and letters?


No your right. Their all large letters but they do go straight through the letter box no problem.
I’m just confused as it says letters can go stamps/franking, but doesn’t mention large letters.
My orders in a small Jiffy bag are out by just half a cm. all my orders are under £20 or just over £10.

I sometimes sent over the counter but most of the time just use stamps and drop straight Into a post box, I’m a small seller and don’t know if I can get a royal mail online account as I don’t think I sell enough each month. I’m not even sure how to use Amazon buy postage, I wouldn’t be able to just drop them in the post box anymore.


So basically we cannot upload the tracking until after scanned upon collection or at post office, then the tracking will be valid?

When I upload the tracking says - please try again tomorrow, after I manifested says despatched.


When is SOON amzn… tomorrow ??


My VTR is currently 2.53%

I have never managed over 6%

I have tried all manner of ways, no luck.


I’ll carry on selecting Royal Mail Stamps/Franking for my non-tracked 1st/2nd class large letter items, until “soon” kicks in and I see my 100% VTR slipping then.


You said on a previous post that you use click and drop but manually mark as stamps/franking
Presumably your click and drop data is over-riding stamps/franking causing the low vtr

Have you ever downloaded the vtr report ?


I still use 1st and 2nd Class - I’m not VAT registered so they are cheaper than 24/48, also you don’t get compensation with RM 24/48. My items are all low value, and most are letters


Surely they can’t remove it? Or do they seriously want us to send letters tracked as well? 90% of my orders go out in an A5 envelope as a letter for 51p and I get my money back when they loose an item - I’d rather not be forced into using a service that removes my right to compensation and costs twice as much for the privilege. I’m assuming I will also have to stop using the system I use to print my labels and move half of them over to Amazon buy shipping?.


You won’t get a jiffy bag that measures less than 5mm, the whole point of it is that it is filled with air bubbles to protect the contents, to make one that fits in the letter slot they’d have to remove the air…even a layer of thin foam wouldn’t work.

Large letter is the best you’re going to get unfortunately