Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


I do exactly the same, a few of my own CDs and DVDs resold each month. I use Royal Mail then until this week had then picked ‘Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking’ and that worked perfectly. Everything arrives promptly giving me good Amazon feedback and my VTR is ‘N/A’. It sounds like I may need now to choose/type ‘Stamps/Franking’ as the shipping service instead. I’ll check on the next one I sell.

There really isn’t any demand for tracking on resold CDs and DVDs by customers. I’m a buyer too and there just isn’t any benefit on such low value and casual items. So at some point if I’m forced to use a tracked method or Amazon postage - I just won’t bother selling here at all after doing so since the start of Amazon in UK. I stopped sending outside UK last year and next it will be the end of being at Amazon at all I guess. I notice that the majority of sellers on CDs and DVDs seem to have disappeared from listings already.


If your VTR is N/A then its working as intended, carry on with what you are doing.



Yes thats correct, i have un linked my C & D account from Amazon so I manually ship.

Yes I have downloaded a few, but not sure what I’m looking for?

After selling on here for 15 years this one has got the better of me.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


have a look and see that the shipping method shows as


But these changes are only for those using a tracked service?
I spoke to CS yesterday and she assured me that non tracked items posted using a stamp- letters and large letters will continue to be exempt.


i’m guessing things will never get better on this site


It shows as delivery method RM 2nd Class


then it sounds like your click and drop is overwriting your stamps/franking
go into your click and drop account and if it is NOT marking as despatched on channel it will have a big warning sign across the top of your homepage
if you don’t have that warning triangle, it is updating amazon and overwriting your manually entered stamps/franking


After calling up many times. No one really seems to know anything about this change and it is either already in place or doesn’t make a difference. No one has said you can’t dispatch without a tracking ID when I query them in more detail (and they know what they are talking about.)

You can still dispatch without a tracking ID and you can add an tracking ID any time before delivery which will take 72 hours to update your VTR. You will need to update it within 48hrs to qualify for OTDR.

No one knows about any date when you have to supply a tracking ID before you can confirm dispatch. They either think it already works that way or you don’t have to do it immediately.

So clear as mud! Would just watch if delivery confirmation fails or demands you enter a tracking ID.


I have a small yellow caution triangle with this - ‘Mark as despatched" is not active on channel’


how long have you been selecting Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking for ?


possibly not long enough as I had tried other methods before. Must be a month or so.


ah thats why then - the current VTR is measured for orders with a PDD between 3rd sept and 2 oct

as stamps/franking is exempt rather than valid, you will see your number of shipped items drop as it exempts the new ones

when they all drop off you should see your VTR as ‘n/a’


Ok… thank you. I will keep an eye on things. Appreciate your help :smiley:


It took us nearly 40 days to get the N/A on the VTR. Now holding the seller accountable because Royal Mail haven’t scanned the order upon delivery a contract that was negotiated by Amazon when these courier companies tendered for the prepaid label.


This has confused me.

When all this debacle started I had always used buy shipping and once introduced my VTR was 0% i.e. 2nd class small parcel labels bought direct from amazon were NOT exempt and were actually invalid.
My parcels only became exempt when I stopped using Amaz buy shipping and my VTR has been N/A ever since.

So you see, I’m really confused that you say Buy shipping for non-tracked services is okay when Amazon themselves penalised me for buying from them. Have they changed it all again?


At the very beginning when amazon introduced the vtr policy, postage bought on amazon - 1st and 2nd class, was somehow invalid
After about 2 months they fixed it and they are now OK for vtr
There were several threads about it at the time


Ahh thank you for that. I clearly wasn’t watching the forums closely enough! So, knowing that all RM labels have indicia codes, whether they be letters, large letters or parcels, do Amaz labels for 2nd class items now count as exempt, or do the indicia codes result in them counting?


According to their policy, standard 1st and 2nd class through buy shipping are exempt from vtr
I think others can confirm - @JillyB1 ?!


Yes, that is correct - standard 1st/2nd Class are exempt from VTR as they are not tracked - VTR is valid TRACKING rate, so the % is for tracked items.

As Kris says, at the beginning, Amazon were incorrectly counting untracked 1st/2nd via buy shipping as invalid, but they have now corrected that, and all purchased from Amazon will be exempt, unless you choose a tracked method (for eg. if the item is worth more than £20) then those will be counted for VTR %, which should then be 100%.