Reminder about upcoming change to ‘dispatch confirm’ requirements on your account


Thanks Jilly - thought that was right


Thank you both for clarifying that for me :slight_smile:

Has the system changed also for when you don’t use Amazon buy shipping? The way this latest email is worded, it makes it sound as if you will be penalised for buying non-tracked RM postage via any other method than their own buy shipping method for anything that isn’t a letter. Have I read that correctly? Will externally purchased 2nd class standard large letters and small parcels become invalid even when I choose the option of RM 2nd class stamps?


That’s up for debate

Amazon have said you should only really choose stamps / franking if you haven’t got access to RM24/48 through a business account AND only post letters (not OR only post letters)
My RM account manager said stamps/franking was only temporary but I’m not sure if they will remove the option as there are people who genuinely use stamps / franking machine for all their orders
Although of course removing the option does force non RM business account holders using amazons own buy shipping!


And killing my post office in the process. Already lost my nearest one. The more and more it becomes a place to simply drop off and scan parcels that you’ve already bought postage for on the marketplace, the more likely the business will close. :disappointed:
A RM business account unfortunately doesn’t really suit me. And with too many items as letters/lg letters, I’m kinda dependent on the PO.


I don’t have a business account. I send letters, large letters and small parcels. They are all 2nd class standard.
So it seems to me that they are saying sellers who don’t have an RM business account are not allowed to buy postage from their local post offices unless it is a letter. If so, that is appalling, and you’ve got to wonder how Amazon are getting away with it. It’s a massive political issue.


Great minds think alike! That was exactly my point! Surely denying UK sellers the ability to use their post office as intended is seriously detrimental to the UK economy, given how important our post office service is. And therefore surely there should be some political intervention and prevention of such a carte-blanche rule invented by this US behemoth.

My local post office has also closed this year and I now have to drive to the next nearest.


Choosing RM 2nd class stamps/franking SHOULD be OK - it is at the moment, but let’s face it, Amazon can change the goalposts as and when they choose !!

You should not be penalised for not using Amazon’s Buy Shipping, but you must be sure and confirm shipment correctly.


Click and drop having 2D barcode so you must take it to PO to get it scanned



ok what we must choose for 1st class large letter stamps (red one)

Royal Mail 1st class

Royal Mail 1st class stamps/franking

i try ask amazon but they said that i must be sue that i choose correct one ( but which they no say)

i have got 3 month break and i so confused

thanks for help


they answer like this "

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you are concern with your Valid Tracking Rate and you want to make sure that you select the correct carrier and shipping service in the options. We appreciate your effort for taking actions and getting in touch to us with regards to this matter.

Please know if your carrier is Royal Mail, it is correct to select “Royal Mail” in the options. While for the shipping service, it is still depends on the shipping service that you use. You just have to make sure to select the correct options and provide the correct and complete tracking information of the order so that the customers can easily track it.

It is also important to confirm shipment on time. This is to make sure that there will be no problem when the customer tracks their order in the carrier’s website. To ensure that this will not happen again, please continue to read the Amazon’s policies and the laws and regulations for the sale of the products."


I have just tried to confirm dispatch using Royal Mail then 2nd Class Stamps/ Franking and it has asked me for a tracking number. I changed the service to just Stamps/ Franking and it STILL asks me for a tracking number!! I thought it states in the announcement that tracking is not required because I am using a none tracked service.


I am getting so lost with all of this - I thought I had it sorted.
Is Royal Mail Signed for an ‘allowed’ tracking service for VTR to not?
If you use large letter through Amazon Buy Shipping - is that auto accepted for VTR?
If you use Royal Mail Large Letter and add the 2D Barcode Number (which means nothing to RoyaL Mail) - is this acceptable tracking for VTR?

I just need a straight answer from them - I ONLY use 2nd class large letter and 2nd class large letter signed for. I currently use Click and Drop. What should I input in Confirm Dispatch to comply?

If someone could tell me in layman’s language it would be highly appreciated. Thanks


Yes - as long as it gets a delivery scan


Yes if its code CRL on click and drop. No if its standard 2nd class

Standard second class on click and drop is invalid for vtr

As I recommended previously to another seller -

If you are VAT registered and have a RM business account, use code CRL in click and drop

If you are not VAT registered, use amazon buy shipping


THANK YOU - very much appreciated.
So I am VAT registered but do not have RM business account. I really didn’t want to get a RM business account as for my quite small amount of sales it does seem a lot of faff.
I think I need to do Amazon Buy Shipping for now and look into the RM account.
How do I know if the code is CLR in Click and Drop please? Do you only get that code if your Click Drop acc is linked to a RM Business Account? Apologies for all the questions but I honestly appreciate your advice.


To get CRL on a business account I believe you need to be sending 1000 large letters or parcels a year ie 20 a week


Yes I achieve that but, as I don’t have the business account at the moment, if I send 2nd large letter via click and drop, the code that click and drop push through to auto dispatch to Amazon via integration, that won’t be valid for VTR - correct?


2nd Class large letters through click and drop are invalid for VTR As the ‘barcode’ number on it is only for RM internal use and doesn’t get a delivery scan


Ok thank you.
Now I need to set up Buy Shipping Preferences - and for some of my large letter items it won’t accept grams on kg and it also won’t accept a decimal so 0.04kg is a not a valid weight. Grrr… Ok thanks for your help Little Shop :slight_smile:


I think this was what they changed it to at the start of the year. Now I dont have a clue what they are demanding. I only know that it will be time consuming, expensive and totally unessessary.


Sorry to be a pain but you seem to know what you are doing. I don’t have clue what most of this means. I am a small scale book seller who has been sending evrything by 2nd class post and lately marking it as ‘stamps and franking’. Does this latest bit of nonsense mean that now I either have to pay another £1 for tracking or find out how to use Amazons Buy Shipping ?