Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


Yes, it is. …


OK, thanks. I may continue to use Click and Drop, then copy and paste the barcode info into the order page. I’m just onto SS at the moment about this, but I don’t think they understand it themselves!


Because we have dropped from 100% to under 50% & whilst some have received info that this is due to a glitch others have received conflicting info stating tracking is required on all but letters. TYpical Amazon confusion designed f or better customer service.


I am pretty sure they don’t judging by the whole range of replies people have had !

II have just tried to see where the transactions are ready for when doing accounts.
You need to go to Reports - Payments dashboard -Transaction View - Delivery labels Purchased through Amazon and they are all there.


Thanks Jilly

OK, I’ve just spoken to SS. The answer I receive was that there is no requirement to change any shipments retrospectively.

Going forward the barcode has to be entered. Apparently RM have said they will be scanning everything going forward, but if they don’t scan then the shipment will appear on the VTR report and impact the percentage. The remedy for this is either
a) contact Royal Mail and ask them to scan it (???)
b) if purchased through Amazon shipping, contact Amazon and ask them to review it on the VTR %

Neither appear to be really acceptable.
I then asked about the format of the barcode, to make sure that I would be entering it EXACTLY as required, and the call was then disconnected.

Not happy here


Thanks. Never considered it. Will investigate.

VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?

Thys was already in the existing policy. It’s not clear to me if the validation of unscanned items applies only to post bought through Amazon’s own portal or whether the same validation will be applied if the post is bought through and automatically confirmed by RMs click and drop portal.



So basically amazon will be very busy validating all the tracking information for unscanned items,


That wouldn’t make sense. Amazon were recently telling people about Click & Drop and basically recommending we use it if not using Amazon’s portal for buying shipping. If that’s the case, it would just cause unnecessary extra work for sellers, wasting time that could have otherwise been spent on improving sales on Amazon. Very confused.


“If you are not eligible for Royal Mail 24®/48 and ship only ship letter sized products (100 g, 24 x 16.5 x 0.5 cm), please select Stamps/Franking from the dropdown.”

I only ship large letter or small parcel. So, I am ok to use ‘Stamps/Franking’ for Large Letter. Do I really have to set up an account for my ‘small parcels’?? REALLY?


Is that a first? At least they’re sorry that they have wasted thousands of hours of seller time which could have been better spent actually selling stuff.

Next step, Amazon, is to perhaps be a little gentle on all the sellers who have violated policies that you forgot to tell them existed.


No you do not.
Like you I only send LL and small parcels.
I will continue to use Buy Shipping for LL and small parcels over 1kg up to 2kg.
For small parcels under 1kg or higher value (up to £50) I use CollectPlus (now known as Yodel Direct) as they are cheaper than RM (£2.79) and cover all parcels up to £50.


I wonder what volume discount Amazon get from Royal Mail for all this postage that they want us to buy through them just to get the additional protection on our VTR?


Exactly - this is simply a way to force us to buy postage through Amazon, the greediest firm on earth.


this is ludicrous, i send using bpl 1st class LL and let click and drop update to amazon

previously rate was 100% and now AZ have moved the goal posts and its 5%
i have no idea what im supposed to do as c &d selects the particular postage it sends back to AZ

just download the report and it says the postage should have tracking id and hasn’t be delivered for ALL my items, something is seriously fubar here


I kind of read it a different way.

We have until the 8th August to get signed up for barcoded services (Those of us without a RM account I have no idea what we will do!)

As some people won’t have barcoded products prior to the 8th August then only orders dated 9th August or later will be taken into account for VTR.

However as normal it is as clear as mud about what is happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were further changes before the 8th August.


so to make this clear… if i start correcting what i do now… there wont be any issues with the 0% i currently have as long as its all good moving forward?


Exactly !
Untracked won’t have barcodes anyway, so they need to be sure that these are counted as exempt.


That would make sense if Amazon actually protected postage bought via them. But they do not. If the 2D barcode is not scanned they will still count this as invalid.


What a load of rubbish - you don’t know it’s not been scanned until it appears on your VTR report - you couldn’t make the total nonsense up.
Untracked don’t have barcodes anyway, unless they are meaning the code above the 2D matrix on the label ?