Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


Further to my post above, the same CASE ID now has a message from SS saying :-
“We identified that the VTR calculation was not correctly recognising that Royal Mail 1st class and Royal Mail 2nd class ship methods require a barcode ID. We made these updates on 20th July,”


  1. they cannot make their mind up as to what’s going on, or
  2. they cannot train their staff with the correct advice, or
  3. they cannot write English clear enough to elimiate confusion within their own staff.

Oh sorry, there may be a 4th answer - all 3 above apply ! !


We do the same, I take all my post to the local post office and use the POD codes from the receipts I get given. Up until now that has been fine.


If I use buy shipping for everything, is that me covered? No more worrying about VTR issues?


Sounds like the ‘Goal Post Spacial Awareness Team’ have had their overtime budget increased.


This ^!

Race to the bottom appears to have gone mental in recent months.

I think a lot of people are looking for a quick buck, poss due to C19 and lowered incomes. A lot of people are buying from shops instead of suppliers and selling something for “double your money” for £10 as they paid £5 for it. We all know that’s a small loss in most cases (at best) yet were inundated with them.

The only way IMO is get out of the way - 'cos that bus is outta control!


Its so bad on some of our listings. We can see people selling at what must be a loss or just getting pennies from the sales. I get some people get better postage rates and can buy at better prices than but even taking that into account they can not be making anything.

The race to the bottom has always been bad on Amazon but I have never seen it as bad as it is currently.


So if I’m sending lots of large letters CRL and my C&D is linked to Amazon they will be fine as the tracking is automatically uploaded. Problem is, if I’m also sending a smaller percentage of low value letters Royal Mail 2nd class they will not be fine as Amazon will say they need tracking and there is no way in C&D (as far as I can see) to have these show in Amazon as Stamps/Franking. Scratching my head!!!


For those who are interested the change below has been requested on

General: Hot (572 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Click and Drop (

If you want to vote or add comments it is easy to set up a Royal Mail Voice Of User Account to add your comments or vote for this change.


So when I send my LLs using CRL on Amazon I do it through buy shipping, and those are treated 100% as valid. If you are buying through C&D if they’re not scanned they will still show up on your VTR. Now there is a line in the VTR FAQ 5 that says:

However, we will validate ‘unscanned’ tracking or parcel IDs with the integrated delivery service provider prior to suspending your offers in the affected category. Your offers will not be suspended if you have provided valid IDs, including for all parcels that have not been scanned by the carrier.

Personally I’m not 100% convinced that Amazon will abide by this.

The other thing to emphasise is that having your Amazon account linked to RM is not the same as having it integrated, and in order to use CRL through buy shipping your account needs to be both linked and integrated.

As regards my letters I have turned off the auto mark as dispatched for Amazon within C&D and I now manually mark them as dispatched by Royal Mail Stamps/Franking.

Both these measures mean that my VTR has now gone back to 100%, so hope that helps.


As my point of view is its all rubbish because amazon give more favor to buyer than seller and want to provide best customer service/ tracking so I come to conclusion sooner or later they gonna find out about 1st & 2nd class stamps/franking and change it too so best option is just increase the price of your product and send signed for 2nd class, if customer and amazon want good service then have to pay for it , good service does’t come with free shipping


After a long discussion with a Royal Mail insider it appears that Amazon are pushing through with their intention to supply Postage Labels to sellers AND make a whacking great profit as the middleman i.e. do nothing, just make money.

They are currently trying to purchase '000’s (perhaps millions) of labels from RM and sell on to Sellers at an 11p profit each.

Hence they wish to FORCE all sellers to use Buy Shipping by only guaranteeing our VTR will be 95% if we do so.

It surely does not come as a surprise to most of us.


Sorry to be thick. What’s the difference between linked and integrated. At the moment my orders automatically feed through to C&D. If the button is ticked it will also automatically mark them as despatched on amazon as well as fill in the tracking code on CRL products. Is that integrated or just linked?


Surely not, Click & Drop is too good of a system to not use… I am hoping Amazon get back to us with good news otherwise i’m not sure what we’re going to do. Also that wouldn’t make sense because even if Amazon do force us to use Buy Shipping instead of Click & Drop, they’d be losing millions in doing so because Click & Drop allows sellers to be more efficient in sending out items, therefore more free time/higher sales = more fees paid to Amazon. Let’s just stay hopeful this is resolved this week.


This means your accounts are integrated. To become linked:
Settings>Account info>Buy Delivery preferences>manage carrier accounts

If your account is already linked it will say active. If it doesn’t click on link account, fill in the info and I think it takes about 24hrs (might be a bit longer as I can’t exactly remember how long mine took as I did mine months ago).

Once linked you can then purchase LLs and parcels via buy shipping using CRL at your normal RM rate. Averaging will be applied, but only for those purchase via Amazon. For other channels there will be separate averaging via C&D. You’ll need to run an end of day report from Amazon as well as a C&D manifest.

Tip - when it’s up and running when you go to purchase your 1st label make sure you download Amazon’s print assist software (there is a link on the buy shipping section of the order page) as otherwise the quality of your lable will be terrible.


… exactly the same here Joe…


Where have I been for the last 10 years, to conclude that “not making sense” is the norm on Amazon ?
imho AZ rarely care if their systems or policies make a seller less efficient - they simply assume a seller will adapt or leave.


Good news guys i’ve been searching the forums and stumbled across a post by a user (you can check for yourself)
It says that Amazon are working on the issue and will be fixed within 2-3 working days.


Signed for services are not tracked.You would need to change to 24/48 delivery’s


Don’t rely on anything that people have been told by Seller Support as sometimes it is not true or they have misunderstood the question asked.

Unless Amazon officially announce something then we can say it is true…even then it is sometimes uncertain about what we need to do.


Agreed. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything is done. Fingers crossed.