Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


I am in the same boat! No idea what to do about it. I will contact my RM account manager tomorrow and see what I can find out


Unless this is a glitch…

This entire mess has got me thinking.

Invariably, I send 2nd Class Large Letters. This can be done with a Second Class Large Letter Stamp, bought in books(pos even in sheets) from my local PO…
However, to save me having to write out addresses, I chose to use ‘Buy Shipping’.

Then the whole VTR thing exploded and ‘Buy Shipping’ went down the tubes.
Having listened to a lot of good advice on this forum I took to using RM C&D, which was exempt.
Then ‘Buy Shipping’ was remedied and became exempt or valid or whichever.
Shortly afterwards, (like everyone else) I find all my C&D sales suddenly became invalid.

This seems a tad suspicious to me. ‘Buy Shipping’ now doesn’t affect your VTR whilst the same service through RM C&D is invalid, or risks being invalid if it isn’t scanned, and as a non-tracked service, there is no onus on RM to scan anything.

I used to be quite content purchasing my Royal Mail postage through Amazon ‘Buy Shipping’. But now every time I do so the bitter taste in my mouth gets more unpleasant.

I think I will look into software that can produce an address label (any ideas?) from a cut and paste off Amazon and use good old fashioned stamps from now on.


sounds to me like this should be reported to the CMA… surely that’s unfair business practices.


If anyone wants to raise this with the CMA as well ->

I have added it to an open complaint about the forced return labels that cost a lot more than my own return labels would!


I still do not see how you enter the 24/48 barcode into the Amazon shipping confirmation. As soon as you print the label via Amazon there is no longer an entry box to enter the barcode number???


Dymos are great for this. Plug & play, and really easy to use. It’s what we used for our labels prior to C&D which really needed zebra printers. We still use our dymos though for do not bend labels, and for the PPI tags that go on our mail sacks every day.


Are you sure - we used buy shipping for 2nd Class LL & our VTR dropped from 100 to just under 50%. Has this changed in the last few days?


I’ve been thinking the exact same thing.
As I send out between 50-100 letter sized items a day, I’m now assessing whether it’s easier to carry on using my C&D account and input all of the barcode ID’s manually on the Amazon orders or use stamps and write the addresses on the envelopes.
As you say, trying to find an address only label software that will link to our Amazon orders like C&D does would be ideal, probably doesn’t exist though


Have you ever looked at Zenstores, we use this across all of our online platforms and it integrates with most major delivery companies. At the moment I am creating address sticker labels via a Zebra printer and then applying stamps, it pulls the addresses in from Amazon and then on Amazon I confirm shipping as Stamps/Franking. It is a little long winded and not as simple as it was when I just used my RM business account, but since my VTR plumetted down to 10% I felt I needed to do it.


I hope that if sellers do get suspended for this sh*tfest they raise it with the CMA. Especially when Amazon have said that they won’t suspend sellers if they go through their own system to purchase exactly the same postage from RM.


Have a chat with the click and drop technical team. They have spoken to loads of sellers in the same boat. Basically you can integrate Click and Drop into Amazon to upload the 2D barcodes or you can export the data and upload it into seller central to ship the orders. The issue will be that RM do not always scan the items when they are posted - this will have a negative impact on the VTR. The only option is to go tracked but this does not allow the sale of low value high volume goods - this is what we sell the most of! No idea what the solution is right now!


Thanks so in laymans terms Zenstores can be used to just print the addresses using my zebra printer without applying the postage or confirming to Amazon?
If so, it sounds great and well worth the £45 for 3000 labels package I would need


As I say, it is a little long winded but quicker than individually writing addresses on every pack.

What I do is use the manual shipping method but leave the carrier details blank. This then creates the standard label (you can do this in bulk by selecting mulitple orders). Then I go into Amazon and select the orders and confirm shipping as stamps. In ZS I do not click dispatch as this will try to dispatch on Amazon, I simply change the status within ZS to dispatched (this means ZS will not change anything on Amazon). Then I have a label with the address which I can stick on the pack along with the stamps.

I hope this makes some kind of sense, ZS is excellent for any other online platforms you may have too.



I use amazon’s buy shipping (Royal mail 1st class signed with valid tracking number and yet my VTR keeps declining. Also, my “buy shipping” performance metric under prime trial remains 0%. What should I do?


We have always just printed our labels directly from the Amazon orders page… never have had a problem with a standard A4 printer using integrated A4 labels that peel off; we then put the order sheet in the envelope as well :slight_smile:


Heads up:

We’ve just received a call from Amazon wanting to know why our VTR has dropped to zero and what we are going to do about it. (It wasn’t a hoax call.)

The operator was unimpressed when I tried to explain it was hardly our fault they moved the goalposts and it was clear that this call was a prelude to suspension.

I explained we had been using untracked 1st class post and selected this option from the dropdown but from now on we would use the option stamps/franking. I was then asked how aware I was of Amazon policies and how often I read them. Having satisfied them on that point I was warned of the need to regularly keep abreast of the changes.


Might be worth bringing this up as a question in the webinar tomorrow! That’s disgusting that you are at 0% through amazon changing their mind on what text strings they find viable, yet they haven’t throught to call off the threatening phone calls over the matter


Selling on Amazon for 16 years
Performance Metrics Perfect (Excluding VTR)
Next week my listings or my account might be suspended
Because Royal Mail doesn’t Scan all of my Large Letters / Parcels


Check out this thread.


I was wondering exactly the same. Everything I post is 1st and 2nd class large letters. There is no mention of Large letters and what to do about it.