Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


This is exactly what I am trying to get an answer to - from SS.
8 messages from me in one single case and they have still not addressed the Large Letter issue or even acknowledged it once.
95%+ of the INVALIDS in my VTR report are LL.

Seller Support as more confused than we are.


The scary thing is that we are getting telephone calls threatening us with suspension unless our VTR is over 95%.


I also use Buy Shipping/no linked account exclusively.

I was on 0% VTR for most of the year then when Amazon supposedly fixed the glitch I went up to 100%.

In the last couple of weeks, two invalids have appeared on my VTR and I’m now back to 0%…so Buy Shipping is still not working properly.

These were small parcels 2nd class - it seems the VTR system is wrongly flagging them as having tracking IDs.

This might also interest @Kathemmi who reported invalids with Buy Shipping in this thread.


I think (though working out exactly what Amazon are doing is impossible) that you are wrong there.
They have changed their systems - moved the goal posts - and now they believe that 1st & 2nd Class standard mail - via Click & Drop - have a valid “Delivery ID”
2 things -

  1. They have changed their Policy Text to refer to Tracked Service & / Or Delivery Service, thereby including what Royal Mail call the Un-tracked Delivery Scan mail.
  2. They also believe that 2nd Class Large Letters have a Barcode ID - which they do not.

Big troubles lie ahead - all to get us to buy from Amazon


Maybe, but I’m talking about labels purchased directly via Buy Shipping with no external RM account. C&D is not involved.


Yes understood, but if the Amazon Labels you use are for RM as the carrier then the issue I described applies directly to your problem


Hoping they do an announcement regarding 1st and 2nd class ‘standard’ requiring a valid “delivery/tracking ID”. Because although there may be some kind of ID on the label, it is meaningless in terms of tracking and delivery confirmation for the buyer. So it would cause unnecessary work. I am sure they will get this issue fixed soon. Seller support said to stay assured and said they will do an announcement - but didn’t specify when. Hopefully they’ll address what we’ve all discussed the past few days soon.


So far it is only small parcels that have shown up on the VTR - and only some, not all. Large Letters appear to be immune.


That is not correct in my case and very probably not correct for many sellers.
See my earlier post here.


Does anyone know what happens after August 8? I see people suggesting to use Stamps/Franking but Amazon only refer to letter-sized items only. Should I carry on using/marking orders as Stamps/Franking for all parcels/large letters or is it safe to move to C&D to post back the tracking codes to Amazon?


I have just moved over to buy shipping so I hope they fix this issue soon. I can’t see any feasible way of running my business unless I use buy shipping. It is far too time consuming to print all the orders out in C&D then mark them as despatched on Amazon.

I spent some time last night editing old orders that I had done on Click and Drop so my VTR improves. I said a few days ago I wasn’t going to do this but then hearing people are getting phone call warnings made me think it is the best way to protect my account…I do have better things to do with my time honestly!!!


Just checked my VTR and its at 0, why is this ? very strange:worried:


Can anybody confirm that using Amazon Buy Shipping is actually working with regards to the VTR?

I tried using it back at the beginning of this fiasco and even using their own system on small parcels it was still showing as invalid on the report. So it appeared to me that whatever I did, if RM did not scan on delivery, I would get penalised. So I decided to not use a tracked service with Amazon orders. Following Amazon’s own advice I was using the standard Royal Mail 2nd and 1st class in the drop down on confirm shipping. This was working perfectly until a week or so ago (as you all know).

If I was sure that buy shipping would cover me and I can go back to a delivery confirmed service I would do this, but for now I am resorting to stamps. This feels like I have taken a huge step backward and of course it is harder to give the customers the service they expect.

Has anybody got any positive expereince with the Buy Shipping on Amazon and their VTR?



I switched over to Amazon Buy Shipping at the start of all the VTR madness (linked Royal Mail Business account) and primarily use CRL RM24/48 for Large Letters and Parcels, plus Tracked 24/48 for some orders as well. Using these methods I have had a VTR of 100% at all times apart from a couple of site-wide glitches that were resolved.


Interesting, sounds exactly like my set up, linked RM account and CRL, however my parcels were showing as invalid when there was no scan by RM. My experience (obviously not the same for everyone) is that RM scan around 75% of the 2D barcodes making it impossible to hit the 95% that Amazon are expecting.

I suppose if I was to use the RM24/48 Tracked this would improve but I send relatively low value items and it is not viable to use this service as the standard free option.

Thanks for your feedback though I perhaps I will give it another go.


I cannot confirm this as it seems that some sellers are still having issues with ‘Buy Shipping’

I can say that currently only my C&D items are showing as invalid in the VTR report. I went back to using ‘Buy Shipping’ following the news (in the thread I posted above) that it was working.

The number of invalids in my VTR is dropping off as the C&D items expire for the report and none of the ‘Buy Shipping’ items are being added.

The latest deliver by date in my report is 08/07 and it was a C&D item.


Well, this does sound positive though and I appreciate you can only speak from your own experience.

Do you use Buy Shipping with a linked RM account?

Many thanks


If you don’t mind me asking, how did you edit your old orders and was it simple to do?
I started to do this yesterday but it took ages to just do one, and I have around 1400 showing as non exempt (0.07% VTR) :angry:
I chose an order on my VTR report, then tried to find it on my C&D account, downloaded the shipping label to find the barcode number and then copy and pasted it back into the Amazon order.
This took a couple of minutes so multiply by 1400 is going to be tiresome
Did you use a simpler way than this?
Also do the hyphens and spaces have to be removed from the barcode number too?


Are you sure your RM account is linked to Amazon and not just integrated through Click & Drop?

Are you purchasing your CRL’s through the linked RM account using Buy Shipping? This gives a VTR of 100% on those orders when not scanned on delivery. If you’re not getting 100% on those orders something is going wrong somewhere.

The ones purchased through Click & Drop and integrated to Amazon (dispatched on Amazon when dispatched on Click & Drop) appear as invalid on the VTR report - although Amazon say don’t worry about this, which is easy for them to say when sellers report getting phone calls demanding to know why VTR is low.


Hi, I do not use C&D, I have an RM OBA which is linked to Amazon so that I should get my usual cost price. However when I first set this up a couple of months or so ago and tried it the order sent via Buy shipping still showed as invalid. This may now have been fixed (my hope) and so as of today I am trying it again. The only trouble is it takes a couple of weeks for these to be shown on the report, so I maybe having problems which I am yet to be aware of.

Thanks for your help