Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


I am only changing the orders to be Stamps/Franked rather than 2nd Class Royal Mail. Once set to be Stamps/Franked I am just leaving the tracking number blank.

I am not putting the 2D Barcode from Click and Drop. If you don’t have a RM account then the scan of the 2D barcode on delivery for Large Letters is not made available to Amazon so it makes no difference to your VTR by entering it.


Yes these did show as invalid for a while, but this has since been fixed.


We having same problem, Our account will be suspended from Friday
Royal Mail fail to scan barcodes at the destination, no help from Royal Mail they are helpless.
Email from RM, I hope this helps guys:

I hope you are keeping safe and well. I am sorry to hear about this situation with regards to the scan rate.

What I can confirm is that we are working towards improving the scan rates and to identify any issues that may be caused lower than expected scan rates to occur. With your situation, I would suggest passing on the information to the MyServiceTeam so they can start up an investigation to identify the reasons for this lack of scanning. I will send over an email with their contact details shortly.

In the Short term, another solution is to use Amazons Buy Shipping portal to generate the labels and manifest. By doing so, Amazon acts as a shipping solution who would then generate and print off your Royal Mail Labels. In doing so, Amazon would consider these items as valid and they would not Affect your Valid Tracking Rate Score. You will still be billed as normal with your Royal Mail account and the only major difference is that Amazon would print out a separate manifest for the Amazon items. I would suggest packing the Amazon items separately if you do go ahead with this option.

I hope this helps to answer your enquiry.


Thanks for the clarification. Fingers crossed I have done enough sooner enough so that Amazon does not close down my account. More than 10 years of trading via Amazon, but apparently that does not count for much.

Good luck to everyone here trying to get to grips with all this.


The general consensus amongst most sellers, especially after the recent announcement regarding VTR, and the webinar this morning, is that there will not be any listing suspensions (accounts do not get suspended as a result of VTR failure) due to low VTR for some time.

Although it’s impossible to say since the communication has been dreadful.

One thing that was categorically said on the webinar this morning is that if your VTR is low because you have used a delivery confirmation service (ie RM24/48) and Royal Mail failures to scan on delivery has resulted in below 95% VTR, you will definitely (so he said) not have any listing suspensions. This was said categorically. He actually said you will still receive warnings because these are automated, but just ignore them.


Great information and makes me feel better, except that they are quite well know for U-turns. But fingers crossed this means we will not be loosing sales over this.



Aah I see! From now on I am sending everything stamped and not bothering with C&D until this mess is sorted. I only send small letter postage (greeting cards) anyway, but will take a while to get back to 95%+.
So to improve your VTR, have you changed your old orders to stamps/franking? I didn’t realise this could be done once the order is sent.
Is that by clicking on ‘edit consignment’ of past orders and changing the delivery service to Stamps/Franking?


No, I use ‘Buy Shipping’ directly through Amazon.


Just had Performance Notification for VTR being below 95%.

Basically it states:

We attempted to reach you by phone to discuss the status of your account.

Recently, there have been some problems with your valid tracking rate. Our policy requires you to maintain a Valid Tracking Rate greater than 95%. Your orders are lower than or at risk of falling below the goal of 95%.

We recommend that you look at your tracking for your orders and make a plan to get back on track. To learn more about order valid tracking rate, search for “Seller Performance Measurement” in Seller Central Help. If this problem continues, we may not allow you to sell on



and has this changed your VTR?


Hi Isabella

Thanks for this. I think half the sellers would be shafted if it wasn’t for the help available on here.

Just one question - if I continue to use C&D integrated - is there any way to send a low value letter by Royal Mail 2nd class that doesn’t negatively impact VTR? Or is Amazon expecting even these to be sent tracked?

If I use CRL RM48 for my large letters, from what Amazon are saying these should be ok although we might still get a warning. The tracking will be automatically uploaded to Amazon (happy days!) - but if I send a letter royal mail 2nd class by C&D that impacts VTR. I can’t go in to amazon and manually mark off letters as stamps/franking as I’m pretty sure these would get overwritten by C&D.


If you disable the auto mark as dispatch for Amazon within C&D you can then manually mark your letters as Royal Mail>Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking. This will ensure that they are exempt for VTR.

Unfortunately this means that you LLs purchased via C&D will not be auto marked as dispatched either. You will therefore either have to mark these manually as dispatched and input the 2D tracking (exclude all hyphens/spaces) or use buy shipping to purchase your LLs/parcels. I’m assuming you use code CRL for these?

Yep that’s correct.


Cheers. Bit of a faff but that’s the way I’ll need to go by the looks of it.
One last thing - you suggested downloading the Amazon print assistant (or something like that) that helps when printing lables through Buy Shipping. When I go to Buy Shipping to purchase the labels I can’t see any link - am I looking in the wrong place?


you are exactly where i need to be… its just so painful . either buying the shipping via Amazons clunky interface or even marking the the LL’s dispatched manually instead of using Personal C&D easy method. They’ve made an absolute dogs ear of this. If the humble first and second class royal mail stamp is acceptable to avoid the VTR trap then why a 2d coded internationally accepted postal document from the same company is blacklisted with Amazon… (unless you buy it from Amazon)… its a mystery to me, it really is…:+1:


No you’re looking in the right place. From memory it’s on the bottom left hand side - it’s a clickable link.


So frustrating when I’ve spent years building good metrics by fbm. I’ve started using the following
Royal Mail franking/stamps for under 5.00 orders. Royal Mail 2nd class with the receipt ref number for small or medium parcels. I’ve also increased some prices and started trying tracked - again Royal Mail 2nd class but adding the tracking number. Only just realised you couldn’t add the Royal Mail franking/stamped option on the seller app. I’ve gone in and changed some previously sent items to this on the reconfirm shipment option so let’s see what happens when it updates- currently showing 6.25!! I get they want all buyers to confidently know when the order is arriving but for media items I can’t justify sending all signed for and I only use a mobile so don’t have a printer option. Let’s see how the dice fall. It would be a shame to be stopped from selling after about ten years but I’m hoping the widespread confusion of both sellers and the customer services team will mean some kind of resolve is reached


Yes all orders but one have now cleared off the report. The last order I didn’t change in the initial batch as I missed it so should be cleared off in the next day or so.


Now Etsy are going down the same route (thanks Amazon). 100% of orders were sent on time (or early). At least Amazon exempt some orders. Etsy don’t. And they probably won’t like the answers I put in the survey on this ‘new’ feature’.


Hi yes thats how I have done mine. All but one have now gone off my VTR Report


Any other sellers able to confirm what is happening if you send RM48 by click and drop and allowing that to confirm dispatch?
Are you getting warnings when the VTR % drops below 95% because Royal Mail’s scan rate is below this. Any of you had those categories suspended due to this?
Thinking of going back to this method just worried Amazon won’t be true to their words…again!
’ * Check your tracking/parcel ID: Always make sure you or your integrator provides the correct name of your delivery service provider, the delivery service used, and the tracking or parcel ID. You may receive a VTR warning as a result of low scan rate. However, we will validate ‘unscanned’ tracking or parcel IDs with the integrated delivery service provider prior to suspending your offers in the affected category. Your offers will not be suspended if you have provided valid IDs, including for all parcels that have not been scanned by the carrier. This includes delivery confirmation only delivery methods (e.g. RM 24 / 48 or 1st Class 2nd Class). As mentioned in FAQ 3, postage stamps and other untracked services are not taken into account when measuring your VTR.’