Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


Strange. For Hermes, these appear to be the same rates that little old me can access by going direct to Hermes.

I can only assume therefore that you are referring to the specially negotiated back-handers that you get from Hermes for forcing sellers to use Buy Shipping due to a completely unfit for purpose VTR system?


I don’t use buy shipping but it most certainly is not resolved. I currently have 2 vhs tapes showing as invalid / non exempt in the VTR section but upon checking the 2nd class bar codes both are showing on the Royal Mail website as successfully delivered. I edited the orders and put the bar code on those shipped orders a week or so back, yet they are still showing as invalid. :unamused:


If this is the case how come we had a phone call yesterday threatening to suspend our account if we do not improve our VTR Rate which is 82% and everything is send Royal Mail 48 with tracking IDs?


Did you put the 2D barcode tracking ID into the Amazon system after the orders had been delivered?

If you did then it is automatically going to be classed as invalid.


I did, but I did the same for a number of books as well, they all seem to be valid.


Orders only shipped a week ago will not show on your VTR report yet - the report is based on the PDD of the items - the delivery date, and today the report is for items with a PDD of 27 June to 26 July, so it is retrospective.


Cheers JillyB1, I mean’t I edited the orders a week or so ago to add the bar code after I realised amazon had changed the system again, they were actually sent over a month ago.


Many of us missed the webinar with the updates for VTR
The webinar library has a big gap between 16th July and 3rd August where this video should be

Please can you provide a link to the webinar for us to watch

Thank you


My FBM sales have totally stopped, VTR 0.9%



when did they stop ?

next to your VTR on the account health page does it have any warning triangles etc ?

have you tried searching your fbm offers - are they there in decent searches and available to buy ?


100% Agree with this statement ! The problem lies with the RM Postman NOT SCANNING before putting into letterbox ! What can we do ? Nothing !
We are now putting stickers on parcels requesting that the postman scans the parcel !
VTR is the most stupid metric going . We use RM24 scanned …


Amazon updated the VTR policy weeks ago to say that if your VTR is only below 95% purely because of un-scanned RM 24/48 orders - to ignore any VTR warnings you get as your listings will not be suspended. This was also confirmed categorically on a recent Account Health webinar which I imagine thousands of sellers viewed.

Some sellers are worried that even though it is clearly stated in writing, and was backed up by an Amazon webinar, it still may not be the case… but they’d have a whole lot of legal mess on their hands if it isn’t.

Click the policy and read it, specifically FAQ 5 which now says this:

5. What happens if my delivery service provider fails to scan my packages?

  • Speak to your Delivery Service Provider: Try and find a resolution with them. You should also review your labels to ensure you are using the right delivery method and that labels are being printed correctly.
  • Check your tracking/parcel ID: Always make sure you or your integrator provides the correct name of your delivery service provider, the delivery service used, and the tracking or parcel ID. You may receive a VTR warning as a result of low scan rate. However, we will validate ‘unscanned’ tracking or parcel IDs with the integrated delivery service provider prior to suspending your offers in the affected category. Your offers will not be suspended if you have provided valid IDs, including for all parcels that have not been scanned by the carrier. This includes delivery confirmation only delivery methods (e.g. RM 24 / 48 or 1st Class 2nd Class). As mentioned in FAQ 3, postage stamps and other untracked services are not taken into account when measuring your VTR.

This clearly states it only applies to delivery confirmation only delivery methods, so those who seem to be updating barcode numbers from standard RM 2nd class orders (which seems to be alot of sellers who are reporting they are doing this) are most likely wasting their time, since they do not come with any delivery confirmation.

Also - RM24/48 delivery method terms and conditions do state that a delivery scan is not guaranteed. Annoying maybe, but still it’s there in black and white - most likely why this update to FAQ 5 was made. Roya Mail will tell you there is a trade off between the fact you ‘may’ get a ‘free’ delivery scan and get average weight and volume discounts through this service against the inability to claim compensation for non-delivery.


HI James ,
Thanks very much for that bit of information we have missed .


I emailed seller support regarding the same, asking to confirm specifically, and surprisingly, I got a reply the same day confirming, so at least I’ve got that in my case log


That’s true & confusing. I just searched the RM website and found nothing. Not sure if there is any solution after reading the guidelines.


Have you got a link to the account health webinar?


No sorry.

It was supposed to be uploaded to the webinar library but as usual hasn’t been.


Just to add to this, Amazon state:
“No, your account will not be suspended but non-Prime Merchant Fulfilled Network offers in the target category may be suspended if you do not provide 95% VTR where required as per policy. You can continue to sell FBA or Prime products. If any of your listings gets suspended, you can submit a Plan of Action and apply for reinstatement. If your appeal is approved, your non-Prime merchant-fulfilled listings in the affected category will be restored.”
So basically, they will prevent sales of MFN items if we do not meet VTR requirements.


only in the categories you are not at 95% which i know for some would be all categories or because they only sell in one


I am wondering what will happen if I mark all my 2nd class letter, large letters and parcels as stamps/franking!!!