Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


they should be ok - atm
some have said they won’t know what size the items are therefore shouldn’t penalise you

we, and another seller, have been told by 2 different RM account managers that they have been told by amazon that stamps/franking is only a temporary option - not sure if that is true or just a nudge to get everyone to buy shipping on amazon


Stamps and franking it is then. We currently have 96 orders that comply with VTR. Amazon can provide me with a report to show me which do not have a compliant VTR. What they could not do was tell me where to find the orders numbers of shipments with a VTR! Utterly crazy! Does anyone know where to find this information?


If they’ve got 2D barcoded it would probably be better to mark them as they actually are to benefit from the 2D tracking. Especially as Amazon says there will be no sanctions for ones that are not scanned.

If you do mark them all as stamps/franking though it should be ok until the stamps/franking option is removed. Up to that point though your VTR should be n/a.


If you download the VTR report and expand all the order field, it will give you the order numbers.


Ironically this is what I’ve been doing and my VTR was N/A … until this morning!
I got up to find that orders after 30th July had been changed from ‘Stamps/Franking’ to ‘Royal Mail First Class’ - which shows up as invalid and took my VTR down to to 0%!!
So I’ve changed them all back to ‘Stamps/Franking’ (again) and lets see what happens over night.


It’s so glitchy isn’t it? I had one that was showing as 2nd class too, so changed it to stamps/franking last Thursday and it took 5 days to come off of my VTR report instead of the normal 48/72 hours.


Some posts are suggesting it doesn’t come off at all now, I changed some yesterday so going to see what happens


I had 4 2nd class (letters) that I changed to stamps/franking Monday last week that are still on there as 2nd class


I have done that. My account shows 156 orders to be complaint with VTR but the report shows every order to have an invalid tracking number. Wonder if this is a glitch?


The report only shows non compliant ones. When you look at the oreder page in Amazon, what postage method does it show? Does it include a tracking number? Also how did you purchase your postage? Via Amazon, click and drop, courier website, post office etc?


It would be really helpful to see which orders are compliant! I have no idea what is driving the compliant order - is it Prime? Is it stamps/franking? I do not believe it to be Prime as the daily jump in compliant VTR’s is too high. We are currently purchasing labels via Click and Drop. I am then importing the tracking numbers into a document that you upload to amazon to ship the orders. At present I am selecting a ship method of Royal Mail 2nd Class. No idea whether my 2nd class tracking numbers are having an impact or whether I am simply wasting my time


This is invalid. It needs to (until they move the goal posts and change it yet again):

Royal Mail> Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking

or equivalent for 1st class.

If using CRL and 2d tracking, the unscanned ones will still appeat on your VTR report but per VTR FAQ 5, you won’t be sanctioned for these.

You will, however, be sanctioned for the letters marked just 2nd class.


no prime is not included in VTR


Since 26th July, I have unclicked the “Mark Orders as Despatched” on my Royal Mail C&D account and have been using the Stamps/Franking option ever since.
The delivery dates for those orders were between 29th & 31st July.
VTR is today calculated on Promised Delivery Dates between 5th July and 3rd August, but mine is still 0%, so it looks like all of my orders from the 26th July to the present day aren’t exempt from VTR even though I have been using the Stamps/Franking option :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


they are exempt though - not valid therefore your vtr will stay at 0% until all orders have dropped off and then it will change to n/a - you will never have 100% as they are exempt


My VTR is showing as all 1,164 orders as non-exempted though, especially when Amazon state "The following shipments are considered as exempted shipments - Domestic deliveries dispatched through untracked delivery methods, for example Royal Mail Stamps/Franking"
I can understand the ones before 26th July (with a PDD outside the required date range) being non-exempted but cannot understand why the ones after that date are, when I have been using the Stamps/Franking option


presumably you have more than 1164 orders ?!

Go to your VTR download, sort them into date order and see if any of them have a PDD of after 29th July and see what postage option it is showing as sent as


Yes but some of the most recent not showing on the report yet. At the moment I am selling approx. 50 items a day
Just checked the VTR report and the postage option is showing what I have paid through my C&D account :confused: even though I unticked the “Mark Orders as Despatched” box and opted for Stamps/Franking on the 26th (PDD of 31st July at latest)
It seems that the C&D orders are still being sent to Amazon somehow


do you have a big warning triangle across the top of your click and drop dashboard saying that orders on your amazon store will not be marked as despatched ?

also, what code are you using on C&D ?


Yes the warning triangle is there.
I use mainly the BPL code on C&D, with the occasional BPR