Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


The orders on that report, if you check them on amazon do they show on the order as stamps/franking ?

If so, and you sent 50 odd orders a day but only a handful on your report, there is probably a glitch on them (others have reported the same)

Out of interest, the ones that are not sticking as stamps/franking - are they large letters or parcels ?


Ok so the plot thickens. I have just had a look at my on time delivery metrics. Royal Mail 2nd Class items are on there showing that they have a compliant VTR but not delivered on time. So it looks like amazon are recognising Royal Mail 2nd Lass with a 2D tracking number. I am even more confused now!


The orders are the same on Amazon as on the report, so maybe is a glitch
Everything I send at the moment is A5 size, so not large letters or parcels.
I have just noticed that the PDD’s on the report are slightly different to the last delivery date on my orders, so hopefully my VTR may start to change in the next day or so :crossed_fingers:
I just want to say thank you so much for your help, I’ll keep this thread updated if anything changes


if they are showing on the actual order as Royal Mail 2nd Class then thats how they were marked as despatched
are you 100% sure that click and drop is not still switched on mark them as despatched ?


Yes definitely, I have had the same message as you since I switched it off on the 26th


if you are selecting 2nd Class Stamps/Franking on the drop down and they are showing on the actual order as Royal Mail 2nd Class there must be a glitch there on your account


I have been selecting Stamps/Franking at the bottom of the list rather than 2nd Class Stamps/Franking, as other threads have favoured that option.
Not sure if that would make any difference though


A few people have said it works OK, others havd said it doesn’t work !
I know I have selected Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/franking and that works


Interested to see what happens with your orders. It looks like you are dispatching using an exempt delivery method, reading your VTR report properly, and only a handful (not all) of your orders which should be exempted are appearing on the report daily.

Like @The_Little_Shop we too have been manually dispatching letter orders on Amazon as Royal Mail - Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking, with the C&D auto dispatch turned off like you, and none of these have appeared on our invalid VTR report yet.

Do you have the package dimensions filled in on your listings? Are they all letter package sizes if so? Do you send any other orders from Amazon which are large letters/parcels? Have you tried re-editing manually in the Orders page any of the invalid ones? (we did this for a few rogue ones and they dropped off, even though they already said Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking in the shipping info on the Order page)


We still have 4 rogue ones that we have as 2nd class stamps/franking on the order but are showing on the report as 2nd class. They just won’t change
Fortunately they are due to drop off soon


I have said this all along ! - they call it the Valid Tracking Rate, yet they only show the ones that are NOT valid.


I have put the package dimensions on the shipping settings, they are all A5 sized (greeting cards)
To test the method as others recommended I did re-edit a couple of previous invalid orders in the orders pages that were well within the PDD range, but they did not drop off, still stayed 0% VTR. I also removed the hyphens and spaces from the barcode number, as others on here said needed doing. Did you do that too?


No - to get the untracked orders exempted, barcode numbers are not needed. Also any barcode numbers from BPL orders are useless unless they are parcel sized because they have no delivery scan.

The only reason to remove hyphens/spaces and enter it into the tracking ID - is if it is a barcode from a delivery service which provides either full tracking or a delivery scan.

We edited using Royal Mail - Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking and left the tracking ID blank. Any we have manually dispatched this way are also currently exempt up to now.


What I have found is if you download your on time delivery rate report it will show some of the valid tracking numbers. This helped me work out that the information I am entering into amazon is correct…albeit Rm delivered them late!


Just letting you know, my orders have started dropping off the VTR report now :grinning:
The last day the invalid ones showed was actually the 3rd, that I showed in the screenshot above, and the earlier ones at the start of July are going day by day
They have gone from over 1100 to just over 800 now, so won’t be long until it’s back to N/A
Thanks for your help :ok_hand:


My orders are starting to drop off the VTR report now, It will take another couple of weeks for the remaining 800 to drop off the report, I am also manually going through the previous orders and re-editing the shipment as Stamps/Franking when I get time to do it.
Along with other help, I used some of the advice you gave and it has worked.
Thanks for that :ok_hand:


This is an email I sent to Amazon trying to explain to them why tracking numbers were unnecessary for our business as well as being a huge burden. I specifically asked them not to refer me to a link, so they referred me to a link. We know we can buy shipping through Amazon, but we have a good relationship with our local post office, and our current method suits us well. I’m starting to think this is all a scam to get us buy shipping through Amazon.
Dear Amazon,
We have many issues with this requirement (VTR) and feel it is both unnecessary, and that it does not apply to our personal bookselling business. To begin, 99% of our books arrive within the allocated time period, and we are rarely asked for tracking numbers by our customers. We ship all our books through Royal Mail via their Drop & Go method, a very large majority of which are 2nd class. This means we avoid queues at our local post office by simply dropping off our goods for them to process, and we pick up our receipts a day or two later, or even three days later after weekends, when we drop off our new post. By this time however, in many cases the customer has already received their books, so there would be no point in sending them tracking numbers for goods they have already received or are about to receive – in any case, the Post Office doesn’t always give tracking numbers to begin with. Furthermore, to include tracking numbers would effectively double our workload in that we would have to go through our list of orders and apply the tracking numbers retroactively, again sending them to people who have already received or are about to receive their books. In the rare instance that someone asks for a tracking number then we are happy to provide it, but as stated, this is rare. In all, retroactively providing tracking numbers for all our 2nd class post would put a huge burden on our business. It would be a lot simpler to drop the requirement to provide tracking numbers for small businesses such as ours as doing so is both time consuming and unnecessary. We enjoy selling through Amazon, but feel that you should not make selling more difficult for us by asking us to take on unnecessary burdens, or send us threatening emails which only stress us out.
Please do not refer us to one of your Help pages, as they do not address this issue.
Thank you very much.


whilst I appreciate your efforts to stop this new policy, i’m afraid its not going to be scrapped

Are you aware that you still can purchase your postage from the post office in the usual way and then just manually mark your shipment as posted via Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking from the drop down menu and they are exempt from the Valid Tracking Rate target?


Thanks very much for your reply, we’ll try that when next we post a book if we can figure out exactly how to do it - are you sure that would make us exempt from the VTR requirement?



all you do is go into the order and click on confirm dispatch in the usual way
then from the first drop down menu select Royal Mail and from the second, select Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking

I presume you are already doing that but just selecting ‘2nd class’ rather than ‘2nd class Stamps/franking’ ?