Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


We use Royal Mail ‘Click and Drop’ yet are still being asked to improve our VTR to 95%
However, Seller Support cannot now be contacted at all, so we cannot discuss. What is going on ? Please help us !


Slow book day but one finally came through and we did as you suggested - we were just selecting ‘2nd class’. Thanks for the advice.
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Hampstead Books


If you want anything like a meaningful response from SS, it’s best to keep questions as short and as simple as possible.

I think it’s highly unlikely that your big block of relatively complex text would receive a meaningful reply.


I wish that was true, we are getting threatening emails about non valid tracking ids and if you ring them they will NOT confirm that non tracked services are exempt, they just keep telling us to go talk to Royal Mail about it. Have a guess what happens if you do that? Yep, Royal Mail tell you to go talk to Amazon about it!
A perfect chicken and egg situation and no help to us in the middle. Not sure my profits run to me driving around after every UK post person making sure they have scanned the barcode on my items, which are not even ON A TRACKED SERVICE…frustration levels 10++


I think the issue is that Amazon are aware that stamps/franking is being used to get around VTR. THey now seem to be saying mark it to say what it actually is. You’ll note I did say:

stamps/franking though it should be ok until the stamps/franking option is removed

Looks like we’ve hit that point.


I logged onto my oba account this week for the first time in a while and there was a large warning sign saying that all shipments now need a barcode
Amazon possibly know this from talks with RM which would explain why they’ve sent the email saying all RM shipments need a tracking or delivery confirmation number


Also, as most listings have the product dimensions logged, the system will know what actually is letter sized and what is not. So I think Amazon are saying if it’s a LL or parcel it needs a barcode.


My account isn’t showing we’ve hit that point yet but I’m waiting for it …


I really dont understand what is expected of me and would ideally like to speak with someone about this as I thought the reference number on the label when I send 2nd class was ok but it isn’t?


I think it depends how you input the number - seem to recall someone saying you do not include the spaces - though I may be wrong :thinking:
To be sure of maintaining a good VTR it seems the foolproof way is to use Amazon’s Buy Shipping if you do not have a linked C&D account.


You’re not wrong, all spaces and dashes should not be included.


If they apply that data to book shipments, it will be one more victory for dropshippers, because real books with ISBNs tend to have dimensions in the system while phantom dropshipper listings without ISBNs often do not.


hi, 2 questions and sorry if they have been answered. can i use a standard printer with a 4 paper for amazon buy shipping and does anyone know a date this is starting as i’m still using the stamps franking drop down option.


Yes you can use standard a4 paper
The VTR policy was announced as starting back in April but presumably hasn’t gone live yet due to technical issues ?!
However, as they haven’t changed the date on the policy it could go live anyday now


Thankyou, also if i have a large letter, if i buy standard 2nd class through amazon buy shipping (£1.53). That will count as ok on VTR?


Yes - anything bought through buy shipping is OK for VTR


and signed for, is that still acceptable if you buy at post office and supply the code(I like to help out the local businesses)


It ‘should’ be however, some have said they send this way and have low vtr due to unscanned items
Amazon have said they will verify unscanned items before category suspension


My VTR is 95.24% due to one signed for on the report.I guess it wasn’t scanned.I now write on every parcel in red pen "postman,please scan on delivery.Thank you."It mostly works.I know the parcel has been received as he has left feedback.


Hi there
so just to clarify if i buy a non tracked service , through AMAZON buy shipping.
its ok for VTR