Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


I can see myself in the queue with a lot of sellers saying bye Amazon I’m going elsewhere to sell as you are over complicated, Enjoy helping scammers by refunding and your returns policy is horrendous! 99.9% of my returns never get sent back it’s just folk wanting a freebie! I am now looking elsewhere…


0.95% of our orders are showing as with valid tracking the last 30 days. Until this sudden change, we were close to 100%.

We’re using business click and drop, most items are sent by CRL24 and CRL48, and some items are ST1 and ST2. We’re sending low-value items so pretty much nothing has paid-for tracking.

I thought the above is compliant with what they need? There’s 2D barcodes on everything.

On Click and Drop, I don’t have this box ticked for the Amazon integration:
“Upload delivery confirmation to channel (Check this box to send delivery confirmation number if tracking number is not set.”

Is the issue that I don’t have this ticked?



Stamps / Franking just been removed from options list for me - any one the same ?


Yes removed for me too, I’m pleased about that as it just added to the confusion.


So what option to select if you are using stamps or PPI ? Other i am guessing as all Royal Mail options are included


Looking at this comment “Your offers will not be suspended if you have provided valid IDs”

We do provide valid tracking numbers on RM48 but if there is no scan by Royal Mail then we get an entry in the report and in the column ‘Has Valid Tracking Number’ this states ‘No’

Surely this column should state ‘Yes’ since it is a Valid Tracking Number


If using stamps, then obviously use the stamps/franking option.
Am going to appear thick here but what is PPI ?- that stands for lots of different things !! (payment protection insurance; proton-pump inhibitor and others !!)


Printed Postage Impression, it was the precurser to services such as RM24/RM48 using the CRL codes etc.

I think if people never upgraded to the newer version and still use standard PPI then there is no tracking or delivery confirmation.


So bit confused as many more are I suppose, reading that it looks like should be selecting stamps/franking for letters and large letters even though I’m using click and drop BPL codes which have a qr code and tracking number ?

Also then as I along with many others have been selecting R.M. 1st or 2nd class as per instructed to do so by Amazon who told us they were exempt ( and have apparently changed their minds today !! ) , are Amazon going to remove all those from our VTR metrics as it’s no fault of ours ? Anybody any ideas or suggestions, or anything from the Amazon moderators about this ?

Another question if I keep our C&D account linked to Amazon is it still going to import the barcodes that are invalid even if I’m selecting stamps/franking or should I/we un-link them and manually mark them as dispatched ?
Any thoughts welcomed …:thinking::smile:


But the announcement says stamps/franking option is only for letters is my point

Yes it is tracked so equivalent of sticking a stamp on


This is a classic rock and hard place conundrum.

Immovable object meets irresistible force and who is in the middle - Amazon sellers.

Speak to your Delivery Service Provider made me laugh out loud.

The only cast iron solutions now seem to be -

  1. Use a Franking Machine.
  2. Use BUY SHIPPING through Amazon.
  3. Use FBA.
  4. Stop selling and get a proper job.

There’s no way Mr Pat is going to regularly achieve 95% delivery scan rate. Fully tracked may be different.

Amazon doesn’t seem to understand the word pragmatic so I agree with Monkey boy - they may actually go ahead and remove selling privileges.

Anyone using the Click and drop Amazon integration will have the parcel id passed back to Amazon. If you are using a manual method of creating a Royal Mail order or you are using the Click and drop desktop to import orders then this applies to you.
Get yourself a scanner that can scan 2d barcodes. I use a wasp but they are not expensive.
When you scan a 2d barcode you get a string of 204 characters ‘typed’ into your computer. The tracking number starts at character 59 and is 13 characters long. The Parcel ID starts at character 11 and 21 characters long. For you coders out there it looks like this -

                s2DParcelid = Mid(s2DBarcode, 11, 21)
                s2DTrackingNumber = Mid(s2DBarcode, 59, 13)


Ok, can someone answer

I have my Royal Mail account linked with amazon.

If I print orders straight of seller central I will bypass any aggro if the item is not scanned by royal mail upon delivery?


Does this mean that there will be no sanctions until 8th August ?


So basically if we do the “right thing” Amazon will not suspend the account/category. But we have to trust their word on this. Here’s a thought - why doesn’t Amazon validate the tracking number with Royal Mail BEFORE marking as invalid.


Very confused now. A batch of orders I changed to stamps/franked have been removed from invalid report, but are now not turning up on shipped order page when I search by order number. Instead I get link- “the page you are looking for as been moved to XXX”
I need to give up for the day.


Skip that last post. Orders showing and searchable as normal.

  1. I only send plain RM 2nd class over the counter. I now use RM stamps/franking on drop down and I won’t get ‘pinged off’ by Amazon. Is this correct, please?

  2. I sometimes use 2nd class ‘signed for’, for higher value items. Should I enter the “tracking” number for this (I know it’s not ‘full blown’ tracking) or just leave it blank and do as ‘unsigned for’ and say RM stamps/franking?

VTR down from totally N/A last week to 27% now.

I am a bear of very little brain, and what there is of it is aching. Please help!


I’ve noticed since using the 2D barcodes that it is actually prompting people to say item not delivered, because when inputting the tracking number into track and trace it says “An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item”, sounding like it never got delivered when I bet more than half of the unscanned actually did…


We have been using Buy Shipping from seller central for 2nd class large letters.If we continue doing so it seems that once again we may fall foul of VTR even though Amazon provide the service. Are we correct?


Why not use Buy Shipping ? - it is cheaper than buying directly from the PO for small parcels (20p cheaper), and you won’t have to enter anything as it is confirmed automatically when purchasing the label from Amazon.