Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


That would make sense if Amazon actually protected postage bought via them. But they do not. If the 2D barcode is not scanned they will still count this as invalid.


What a load of rubbish - you don’t know it’s not been scanned until it appears on your VTR report - you couldn’t make the total nonsense up.
Untracked don’t have barcodes anyway, unless they are meaning the code above the 2D matrix on the label ?




so will amazon correct the decrease in vtr then as its not the seller fault . all my items have the number on but level still went down only seem fait amazon should put the vtrs back to where they were on the 20th July then surly


Absolutely everything sent RM 1st class, gone from n/a to 0%. Sick of these idiots, always knew from numerous threads I’d end up leaving due to their stupidity. Actually got nearly 10 years out of it, more than I ever imagined!


Don’t understand a word of it. Please, Amazon, just kick me off. After 20 years with you and 100% customer satisfaction, the hurdles are just becoming too high for me to clear…


From looking at our own RM 2nd Class:
~ packets get scanned I’m guessing 'cos they don’t fit through the letter box.
~ large letters do not get scanned as they can be quickly posted through the letter box.

This is the only difference I can tell between those of our orders that are scanned and those that are not.


I post on here very intermittently and the regular posters are very helpful and have solved a number of my problems with wise counsel/experience. BUT, with regard to this, there must be millions of people who either don’t read the forums, or, like me, feel pretty lost despite the discussions, unless I really am stupid, which I am suspecting might be the case. As far as I understood it, for the past six weeks or so, everyone like me who posted by the RM 1st/2nd class, occasionally ‘signed for’, either LL or small parcels, were happy at the resolution that these services meant we were N/A and all was back to normal operations. I do not want to do anything else. My late delivery rate is 0. Customer feedback is 100% in the past year. Only 1 negative review in ‘lifetime’. Why has it suddenly changed AGAIN? Because it HAS changed, hasn’t it? I think I’m just going to carry on sending as before and if I get suspended, well I’ll sell all my books at an auction and get a life!


Agree 100%. My customers are delighted and I consider my self a decent professional bookseller. Amazon step in and screw everything up. In the secondhand book business tracking is generally not required and does not give ‘an enhanced customer experience…’. Will be soon time to wave goodbye after 20 years and pray that the idiots in the system are not allowed on their other bookselling site…


Ahhh thats where you are going wrong hurdles is now pole vault


On Royal Mail Business Accounts, Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel provides a barcode.

Royal Mail 2nd class letter and large letter does not.

This latest guidance forces the use of Royal Mail 48 large letter which is almost twice the price of Royal Mail 2nd class letter.

The new guidance only allows us to use Royal Mail 2nd class letter if we are not eligible for Royal Mail Click and Drop


Radical thought: if this is screwed for many many sellers, many many sellers will be below the VTR threshhold.

Will Amazon suspend everyone? Or just a few pour encourager les autres? Or, like Bodger Johnson on Brexit, keep flipping and flopping in the vain search for a workable policy?

If the latter, why worry about VTR at all?


We’re with you on this. It’s not just the VTR thing. It’s the fact that Amazon is becoming less and less friendly to book buyers.

Like you, I’ve been here since the days of ZShops and my original model was built around selling on Amazon; every business plan review used to entertain the vague possibility that Amazon might not be there any more. Now, every review includes the question “is it worth selling on Amazon any more?” I can’t see myself being here in five years time.

Oh, and re the idiots getting their way on the other site? Have you used the search function there recently? Not quite as random as here, but getting there.


What a mess.

Every single post I have read from sellers using RM24 or RM48 is below the magical threshold. I am sure that all of us “speaking to our delivery service provider” will make all the difference. We have had 1 customer contact us this month about a ‘missing package’. Our VTR rate is between 80-86% and has been between this since it was introduced.



The issue is forcing sellers to meet a target which is entirely our of their control. Amazon are introducing yet another metric which benefits nobody.

Fine, if sellers use a ‘tracked’ method foce them to upload tracking. Fine, if sellers are using ‘delivery confirmation’ services force them to upload 2D barcode numbers.

Threatening to kick sellers off Amazon because a delivery company do not scan barcodes or trying to force us to use shipping methods which disrupt and hinder our order processing, not fine.


On a lighter note I did have some one PM me earlier and ask what VTR was!!!


Royal Mail do not consider 1st Class or 2nd Class Mail to be a tracked service. And, let’s face it, its their business so it should be up to them.

A 1st or 2nd Class stamp has no bar-code or any such thing.

Purchase 1st or 2nd Class mail from C&D and it has a barcode and ‘tracking’ number but IMPORTANTLY it is for RM’s internal use only. Essentially RM consider it to be no different to a stamp.

Try using this code to find out where an item is and you are on a hiding to nothing.

However Amazon seem to consider the fact that there is a barcode/’(non)tracking number’ as evidence that 1st and 2nd class mail is indeed a tracked service(despite the provision by RM)
And yet,
Try using this code to defend an A2Z and … you know where this is going.

I was going to say that Amazon’s double standards here are unbelievable, but this is Amazon.

When Amazon ask us to harrange RM to improve their service and ensure that every (non-tracked) item receives a scan. I suggest the alternative, we lobby RM to remove the 2d bar coding on 1st and 2nd class mail altogether.


the rm bpl 2nd class LETTERS that we purchase through click and drop, then let it update to amazon - show up as AND DEFAULT TO “Royal Mail 2nd class”. These all show as in valid and lowers are VTR.

A) do I now manually hve to go and edit and backdate all these to tell there systems they hve gone by “Royal Mail 2nd class stamp/ franking “?
As this is the only selection box Amazon seems to be working from or accepted in their VTR algorithm

Which will be a pain, as click and drop bpl letters 2nd class, defaults and dispatches them as “Royal Mail 2nd class “ letters….which lowers are VTR daily.
So, it looks like now we have to manually dispatch them?

If there system does not like “Royal Mail 2nd class “ why not remove it ?


Same here, its crazy.


A) do I now manually hve to go and edit and backdate all these to tell there systems they hve gone by “Royal Mail 2nd class stamp/ franking “?

Until this is sorted I think I will:

  1. unlink my Click and Drop account from Amazon, batch up all of my 2nd class letter and international orders on Click and Drop, process and manually dispatch on Amazon.
  2. Do something else while the system updates.
  3. Link Click and Drop and Amazon back up and process all of the Royal Mail 48 large letters and parcels as normal.

This will require some checking as Click and Drop has over-written orders that I have manually dispatched in the past.

Royal Mail 2nd class letter does have a barcode, but it only shows on the shipping label. The other alternative would be to manually copy and paste it into Amazon when dispatching. This would be a total pain though, especially as all the spaces and hyphens would need to be deleted and most importantly it would be misleading to the cutomer who would be receiving a useless “traking” number. But at least Amazon would know it was a genuine shipping label which seems to be such a huge problem with them.


It’s seems from other threads only 3 work in their algorithm to classify as exempt
Royal Mail 1st class stamps franking
Royal Mail 2nd class stamps franking
Stamps franking
If you select any of these 3 they should show appropriately on your VTR report ……
However, purchasing labels through click and drop and allowing click and drop to automatically dispatch- it does not select any of these . Well for me it doesn’t,as we purchase Royal Mail bpl letter 2nd class.
So, looks like I’ll have to manually dispatch, as purchasing then through amazon is more expensive