Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


I spoke to my Post Office today about this. They’re usually last to know. But as far as he knew, it is being replaced with a different service. Plus RM are looking at putting codes on ALL stamps - even the simple stick on ones you can buy over the counter.


3 days ago my VTR went from 100% to 1.7% as I use only large letter 1st or 2nd. I didn’t have one sale that day - usually between 10 to 20 a day and building up nicely as I am fairly new. 3 sales I have had in 3 days. I did a search for my products and couldn’t find one of them.

I contacted Amazon who told me it was not my fault and that there is a glitch that their engineers are working hard on. I asked them if my products had been hidden from search, to which they confirmed that they had been. I asked if they could put this right and was told that they cannot. I asked how long this glitch will be there, could it be weeks - was told they do not know.

I have had 3 sales in 3 days because of this glitch. Surely there is a button they can press to take me out of this jail I am wrongly in lol. How on earth would larger companies cope with errors like this if they have to pay staff etc?


My sales have also been completely crushed this last week. I was wondering if this was the reason for it.


My VTR dropped and is still under 95%, but sales actually went up. :man_shrugging:


Yeah you need to remove the hyphen and spaces.

This is one of the rare ‘untracked’ delivery methods which does have a delivery scan I think because it is parcels and not letters/large letters, and so you need to input the tracking ID. Also it is not RM24/48 I assume so any invalids showing up on the report via this method will not then be validated according to the policy.

There is a section in the Tracking FAQs here (down at the bottom) where it tells you what format the Amazon system accept for Royal Mail tracking Id’s:

@Carols_Books this one may apply to you too, although doing it for letters/large letters which are not RM24/48 or Signed For appears to be a non-starter simply because on those formats they are not either tracking ID’s or delivery confirmation codes which is what Amazon say they want. My understanding is that they are just QR codes used for Royal Mail internal use. Could be wrong though.


What’s the point of inputting that code when it doesn’t give you, the customer or Amazon any information? literally 2nd class standard or 1st class large letters do not have any form of delivery confirmation or tracking, so why should we have to enter a pointless code? And even if we do, how can we do this automatically? as it would be time consuming as well. I am very confused.


In theory no in your situation you do not need to do anything else. The Amazon policy was updated a few weeks back to say that any RM24/48 orders which are un-scanned, but showing as invalid for the purpose of VTR may result in a warning, but to ignore the warning because Amazon will not suspend listings so long as the tracking ID you have provided is correct. If you only use RM24/.48 and provide the correct tracking ID’s, even if you receive warnings, in theory there is nothing to worry about. In theory anyway.

5. What happens if my delivery service provider fails to scan my packages?

  • Speak to your Delivery Service Provider: Try and find a resolution with them. You should also review your labels to ensure you are using the right delivery method and that labels are being printed correctly.
  • Check your tracking/parcel ID: Always make sure you or your integrator provides the correct name of your delivery service provider, the delivery service used, and the tracking or parcel ID. You may receive a VTR warning as a result of low scan rate. However, we will validate ‘unscanned’ tracking or parcel IDs with the integrated delivery service provider prior to suspending your offers in the affected category. Your offers will not be suspended if you have provided valid IDs, including for all parcels that have not been scanned by the carrier. This includes delivery confirmation only delivery methods (e.g. RM 24 / 48 or 1st Class 2nd Class). As mentioned in FAQ 3, postage stamps and other untracked services are not taken into account when measuring your VTR.

This latest announcement is concerning the untracked RM 1st/2nd Class orders which up until now have been completely exempted from the VTR but are now showing as invalid because sellers are not uploading a tracking ID/delivery confirmation code for them, even though there isn’t one, which is a different issue.

@Highland_Heritage I think this may apply to your situation too if you decided to go back to just using RM24/48 which I think (could be wrong) you mentioned you used to do.

Edit - Apologies I’ve just seen somebody else has already said pretty much the same thing up above.


You are absolutely right. Amazon’s policies are just an invitation to scammers and thieves


The parcel ID on 2nd Class C&D Small/Medium parcel is 11 characters though which is different from the Amazon help pages which state 13 to 21 characters.

Do we think this is just out of date information on the help pages?


It appears to apply to include Click & Drop since it refers to un-scanned tracking/parcel ID’s uploaded by a integrated delivery service, which in Amazon’s world up to now regards to VTR, has been any postage bought away from Amazon, but which can be uploaded by the delivery service provider to the Amazon system (i.e. C&D sending info when dispatched to Amazon).


Just double check your ‘Suppressed Search Listings’ in Inventory>Manage Inventory>Search Suppressed and inactive listings to make sure your listings are not being hidden for any other reason.

If you’ve sold 3 in 3 days it doesn’t sound like they’re all being hidden because of VTR, otherwise you’d have no sales at all.

Sometimes they get suppressed because you haven’t uploaded something as vital as the melting temperature :joy:


Wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Don’t forget that if you enter a tracking ID/delivery confirmation code AFTER an item has been delivered, it automatically results in a defect on your VTR metric, if it was scanned as delivered. So if I was you I wouldn’t be entering any unless they haven’t been delivered yet.

I’m sorry I don’t have a Personal C&D account, but if there is any way to integrate your Amazon account to your Personal C&D account, and get the C&D to send the info to Amazon when you dispatch (mark orders as despatched in the integration settings), this would probably be wise. So far the format that Royal Mail C&D is sending tracking ID’s to Amazon systems for everybody else has been the correct format and it would save you from typing in every one yourself.


That fella has resigned now. There’s a new Amazon CEO, not sure who the UK one is now either. Either way, neither of them will probably give a toss :joy:


Don’t be so silly - Royal Mail is going to drop everything when you call them, go right back to the customers house, who will have kindly kept all the packing for such an event where they can then scan it for you.

Or they’ll jump in their time machine and make sure they scan it on delivery!

Waves at flying pig


I think you miss the point.

The Royal Mail is no longer run as a public service which is an essential part of an infrastructure. It is a plc and it’s only duty is to its shareholders.

Changing the law is easily done. I should imagine the government lawyers that drafted the privatisation legislation have arranged it so it can be done with a simple change to the regs. No need to consult Parliament, a nod to the relevant select committee, bosh and everyone home for tea.

Since the beginning of the year, overall service levels are down, profits are up and the posties are permanently looking over their shoulders. We can no more rely on RM than we can on Bodger Johnson.


Ha, I was only quoting what someone had been told - SS are clueless.


Thanks for the reply. They are not in the suppressed, I checked there first. I couldn’t find my items, even the ones that were being advertised and usually on page one or two. I went as far back as page 15 to see and found nothing. I literally said to my daughter ‘I have no idea how these 3 people found my items because I couldn’t’. Also, the customer service person confirmed that my items were being ‘hidden’. I was working hard and enjoying building up my customer base. I am trying to stay calm and hoping it goes back to normal soon.


I am not sure if it may help, but I have found that putting your account on holiday settings - just for a few hours, then activating again would somehow “refresh” your listings. I remember doing that some years ago and always felt it gave results. Don;t ask me why!


Firstly thank you for your continued response through your this whole VTR debacle!!! So am I correct in thinking that from now on when I buy my 1st /2nd class large letter via RM C&D I should manually mark as shipped through seller central (not RM C & D) using drop down box as franked letters? My items are handmade bracelets (simple design) at £8.00 each, no way are my customers going to pay for tracked post! If this is needed it will ruin my Amazon sales,


On C&D go to settings>integrations>Amazon

Click on amazon and you’ll see a tick box re confirming dispatch - untick this. This is what I’ve now done. Within an Amazon order page you chn tick the small check box to have Royal Mail> Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking as your default.

I did this yesterday and can confirm that C&D didn’t auto mark any of mine as dispatched.