Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services


Assuming you link buy shipping to C&D so that you then can use code CRL on buy shipping, you do not have to use a separate bag for buy shipping and C&D. Just seperate per class and per Ls/LLs/Parcels as you do now.

This will give you 100% VTR as long as you manually mark your letters that you purchase via C&D as Stamps/Franking (remember to untick the auto mark as despatch function in C&D).


Some day soon it’s going to be admitted that this is some sort of social experiment (all these ridiculous policy changes that seem to be one a day),. How far can you push people/sellers before they crack… And obv if this is the case, Amazon are being paid (once again) for the information!!!


I sell a book for £7. I send 2nd class via RM, the country’s historic (albeit Dutch owned) dispatcher of parcels etc. Amazon earn about £4 of this and I make about £2. I am still happy, as sometimes I sell for £40 (Amazon cut about £10). In 10 years or so about 4 people have complained about failure to deliver. I refund. The rest of the people are happy, some so much they bother to leave a 5 star response. Why do I now need to do anything other than I have done before? Amazon get their substantial percentage of my chiseling out some books of value; I supplement my pension. Why does this have to change? All change is NOT GOOD despite what certain management/business gurus think or are taught to think.


Of course the only thing that would hurt Amazon is if there was a groundswell of opinion that those sellers unhappy at the changes being pointlessly implemented pledged never to buy from Amazon. Ad astra per alas porci, as John Steinbeck wrote. Where else would we buy our ‘stuff’ these days??


Indeed, ‘sometimes’ change is not always a good thing. If it works, leave it alone. The post from “Thylvethter” looks reassuring, maybe they’re looking into this and will have this resolved next week. Fingers crossed.


Amazon this really is awful, you keep changing what you want, makes it impossible to understand


This is my June VTR report. 386 orders with Invalid Tracking No. Obviously we haven’t had 386 claims for non-delivery!

We use RM24/48 - Labels are correctly printed from top notch Zebra printer and RM thermal labels, C&D integrated into seller central so tracking ID are automatically uploaded onto customers orders. There is nothing wrong with carrier, labels, delivery methods…so why is there such a high number of invalid tracking on report?

I’m not buying shipping from Amazon due to terrible user interface.


I completely agree. Amazons latest policy of automatically authorising a return and a refund to include not only the return post but also the outgoing postage is not acceptable and encourages the consumer to recklessly buy. If you drive to the nearest town to buy some slippers and the shop to which you go has not a size that fits, do you demand the shop pay your fuel costs? But in principle this is exactly what Amazon are now offering. Amazon is becoming the wrong platform to sell by. Also the difficulty in getting paid. We have been waiting for months. We only have £1500 owing, a friend has £40,000 due. Same problem no payment forthcoming. Have Amazon a cash flow problem?


my feelings exactly, I don’t see why I have to pay more with Amazon shipping which gives me just the standard online price, my RM C&D account gives me a very slightly better rate


Well done, Jilly - keep us updated!


The billions that are reserved make millions on interest. So simply holding your money for two weeks makes some interest for Amazon. Times that by millions of Amazon sellers. So no way are they in a rush to disburse anyones money. Only on Amazon.

Even when you do disburse it, it doesn’t even reach your account for several days.

The geniously sqeeze every drip they can out anything they can. Postage is just another way of getting what they can.

Sounds like a government. Not a good government either.


I am in the same boat as you with C&D, using Zebra printer and thermal labels. I’ve never had any problems, apart from the odd one going missing, so send a replacement or refund them, no big deal.
I’ve no idea how to get around this easily as I ship out around 100 orders a day via 1st/2nd Class postage and would be a total headache having to find and apply RM’s tracking ID to every order.
I do not want to buy shipping from Amazon again as it’s a total pain having to print the labels individually as they can’t be printed in bulk like C&D.
I’m going to email my RM account manager and copy and paste him Amazon’s OP above and let him know they are moving the goalposts and can RM start providing the tracking ID’s when the dispatch confirmation is sent to Amazon


I sent every single parcel through “amazon buy shipping” even than i had the VTR issue…Amazon is failing to recongnise that there is a bug in the system that is causing this.


Like many sellers we post our items manually at the local sub Post Office, we are conscious that if we do not support them then they will just not be there when we really need them. So all of our items go RM and we have an account with Parcelfoce for those over 2Kg which is not very often. Those over £20 are tracked, below that are simply sent First Class. We get very few non-delivery complaints and this has worked perfectly for us and the customers for years.

It beats me how Amazon can rethink its policies overnight and implement some things that just don’t work. Unleashing changes that seem to be largely unproved and untested is not something that would happen in any resposible blue chip company that I have worked with. The testing phase of software updates would take months before being launched and methods of quickly backing out would have been implemented. Emails threatening customers would simply not be sent and profound apologies would be made. Right now we are feeling like guinea pigs filling the coffers of a company that frankly just does not care enough.


I exclusively use Buy Shipping (no linked account) and my VTR is 100%. I don’t send any letters so can’t answer that one however I did send a handful of large letters (standard 2nd class, not signed for) in the period currently being measured by VTR and they seem to be exempt.


Yes, I provide 100% tracking, yes my tracking is valid, yes items are scanned, NO Amazon’s system does not recognise valid scans for all items. Therefore Amazon has an issue and should stop this fiasco until it sorts out it’s own system


This size (up to 0.5cm) is only small letter though, not large letter. So I guess we can’t use stamps/franking for large letters anymore? only for small letters


The Royal Mail have admitted that not all items are scanned out…so computer says not delivered. Now what chance is there of getting Amazon to understand this and that the system they have said we need to use is not working 100%


It is Big failure system. Royalmail only scanned 85% of parcels for month of Jun and July in my case. My VTR is just less than 90% and amazon keeps sending me threatening messages for reason which is beyond seller control. How can seller make sure that Royalmail scans 96% or more parcels at delivery. Why should royalmail bother about my VTR. Its utter nonsense.

Implied message is that amazon is forcing us to buy shipping from them which is ok for parcels but not for large letters.

I am forced to buy parcel postage for large letters to maintain VTR rate. This makes low value orders expensive to send . Amazon simply not good to send low value orders. I think rival marketplace has an edge on this .


Plus RM has increased their prices 3 - 4 times? in the last 18 months.
Switching to parcel from LL is crazy…about 2.5 times the price. And competitors are killing each other in price wars and sponsorship bids. I’m staying clear of the chaos, just watching from the sidelines.

I was told only 80% are scanned, but think it could be less. And we are all receiving conflicting information from our respective RM managers.

It this a massive oversight by Amazon when they introduced VTR?. They must have known that these metrics would not be met…how could have they possible missed it that? I’m convinced Amz goal is to take over RM. They killed off eBay, then Etsy. The last blow to Etsy was the introduction of new variation features…it’s just a matter of time till Etsy becomes another victim of pure greed. Supermarkets next!

And I’m sure they would like to get rid of the many hundreds and thousands of established sellers. Why not, there are zillions of account applications with new innovative products, younger technically knowledgeable teams waiting in the wing.