REMOVAL ORDER ARRIVED DAMAGED? How to go about seeking reimbursement?


I recently sent in 8 special edition funko pops to fba, I was allowed to sell these particular pops when I sent them. Or else I would never have sent them in the first place. Upon receipt they were stranded. I requested their removal.

The box I sent them in personally, was very well packed, they were encased with heavy duty paper and were in pristine condition.
They have since been returned to me in a poor state, bent, buckled and crushed on the corners.
Funko pops are very condition sensitive and are now unsellable. Combined sale value of over ÂŁ300 (as a newish seller that is a lot to loose)
The box they were returned in was small and offered almost zero protection for my items.
How can I go about seeking reimbursement?
I have proof of purchase and I have taken photos of the damage to the items.
Thanks in advance, I shan’t bother with funko pops again I don’t think :neutral_face:


Take a photos of:

  • The outer packaging including postage/courier label (even if no damage to packaging)
  • Removal order packing slip if there is one
  • The damage to the item including FNSKU or manufacturer’s barcode

Send it to seller support (Help > Contact us > Selling on Amazon > (type anything into the box) Get help > FBA > Non-MFI reimbursement issue) along with a list of the FNSKUs/ASINs with damage and an explanation of the situation.


Should you ever decide to send further stock to FBA then it might be well to learn a lesson from this re the packaging of your individual items.
The state they arrived back to you in is likely to be the same state your buyers would have received them in if they had ordered from FBA, since the packers would have taken no more care to pack those orders than they did to package your removal items.
Pack each item you send to FBA as you would to send it direct to the buyer.


Thankyou for your feedback, it should have occurred to me that they would be heavy handed with the items.
Anything like that will find its self bubble wrapped and poly bagged in the future.


Thankyou for your reply, I will get right on this.


Were they comingled?


I dread to think what state some customers receive their orders in at times from a fulfillment centre as even items sent carefully packed and protected have sometimes arrived back dusty or at times dirty,with dents in boxes,

I would hope they at least dust of the outer packaging before dispatching to a customer


No they weren’t commingled. I had labelled them


From your post it sounds like the package and it’s content could have been damaged on it’s way to Amazon’s warehouse rather than while being handled by them or simply being insufficiently packaged.

As you know, fragile items have their own packaging requirements which you need to follow. Each of them needs to pass a 125-cm drop test without any items breaking. A drop test consists of five drops: On the base, on the top, on the longest side, on the shortest side and on a corner. The items should not move or shake within the container, and should pass a vigorous shake test without any items breaking.

Here you can learn more:

If the units weren’t properly packaged, it is very likely that you will be unable to claim any compensation:


yes I’ve learnt from fba to pack each items as I would a customer… i sell bath bombs and had an unsold gift box returned as not sold and it was in a mess so glad it hadn’t gone to a buyer. if your able to buy boxes to put the funkopops in or bubble wrap each box then this will be better.


I just want to chime in that my partner likes collectible figures and often gets them as gifts at xmas, birthdays etc. I have stopped buying them from Amazon because they arrive with the packaging so badly damaged, and not well packed to prevent such damage.
I don’t think Amazon have much consideration for collectible items for which the value vastly relies upon the condition, they just treat it like any other generic mass produced product for which the packaging is secondary to the item.


Sorry to hear this, I’ve had 4 removal orders in the last few months and every time the outer box arrives back in a really poor condition - they seem to want to cram as much stock in as possible and twice I’ve had the box split and had to be re-taped by the courier. I think very little care is taken when sending goods back to the seller unfortunately.


may be the seller is partly responsible for the condition. We sell everyday item and should not really need to pack them for FBA but found that if we do not, 40% get damaged just in checking process. Those are retail packed item, so already got some packaging on it. So we have to pack them before sending in, just so the last 100m to Amazon warehouse is not too traumatic for our stock. Consider they came all the way from China with not damages… :S

sometimes we use 2 different lots of bubble just to pack an item. it looks like Santa Clause without the red jacket when we done with them!


It is a common practice for Amazon to return items to the seller in inferior packaging compared to that which they use for customers (large single walled cardboard boxes that split easily, springs to mind). Also (as I think has been previously mentioned on another thread) Amazon have taken to use thick brown paper bags for returning items. This cuts down dramatically on packaging and thus is kinder to the environment but maybe not so kind to the goods that are being returned. As an example, we have just received back a Vinyl LP record. It was sent to FBA in a proper , thick cardboard Vinyl Record Mailer. Amazon sent it to the customer in this AND in another thick cardboard outer. The customer changed his mind, sent it back to Amazon without any of the original packaging and Amazon returned it to us in brown paper bag. You can imagine the state of it.


Amazon appear to remove all cardboard packaging when an item is returned, and in this case they haven’t appropriately re-packed it. I would be blaming them and not the customer.


Nah, customer admitted to not wrapping it up properly…but then neither did Amazon when they sent it back to us.

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