Removal Order - ordered/shipped discrepancy



I created a removal order for an ASIN a few months ago due to a high NCX score. The ordered amount is showing as 623 which I presume was the amount that Amazon had in stock at the time I created the order.

The shipped amount is showing now as 579 with 44 units still pending. These have been out of stock for months and so I can’t see how another 44 units are going to be found and shipped to me.

Does Amazon ever conclude that these 44 units are lost and then refund me or does the removal order keep running for ever? I can cancel the removal order but I don’t what happens to the missing 44 units when I do this.

Does anyone have any experience of this?


Create a case, they have currently ‘lost’ circa 140 cards of mine, they are looking into it.


I have plenty of units are missing and not delivered, not sure what is going on there… all had/has a cases open and proof of invoice usually helps to clarify everything so far


I created a removal order for about 400 units about a month ago. Still waiting for the last 40 to be removed, and no idea how to contact support.


WE sent in 25 of one SKU and then it said there was 79 in stock??? so i requested removal of the 79. got 25 sent to me. AND there are still 79 in stock! Defo an issue going on.