Removal Orders from Amazon


When I create a removal order from Amazon, is there anywhere on the dashboard I can actually see what they are returning.
I placed a removal order and have had part of the order, but can’t seem to find details of the actual order. Thanks in advance.


Details are usually in your FBA order’s where you see your customer orders, most of the time they sit at the top until dispatched.


Normally when you create a removal order, you will be sent an email from Amazon with a link in it, to track to the status of the order.

From that, you will be able to see exactly what is in the order.


So how about this, checked our FBA inventory (count supplied by FBA) requested Removal Order from FBA of quanitiy THEY advised. Removal completed in May 2019 at cost of almost $5000 USD. Still to this day Amazon continues to charge our account for “inventory” that seems to change monthly as charged amount changes every month. Based on count supplied and Removed by Amazon we have no inventory! Any one else having this issue?, continued calls/emails to FBA go into Black Hole but monthly charges don’t miss a beat. Thanks.