Remove FBA products


How can I dispose products stored in FBA if my account is suspended and listing is deleted? normal way of just entering product ID is not working


Have you tried the flat file ?


In addition to a file, if your listing is deleted then the items should show in stranded inventory and can be removed from there.


upload button dose not work for me, I redone and rechecked created file few times all seems correct


Did you request them removal of fulfilable or unfulfillable stock ?

Did you type DISPOSE rather than remove and did you select the correct country ?


tried both for stock, and typed DISPOSAL, country is my address?


Country code should be GB

Their example

Make sure when you copy and paste the sku in its not still a hyperlink


meby address is not needed if disposing?



I found product on removal order, but my quantity there is N/A and request button stays grey, although in other page it states that I got 70 in stock


Why have you been suspended? If it is for authenticity reason Amazon are probably not allowing you to remove/dispose of the stock.


not providing VAT number, and I cannot get it fast enough right now, but they do charge me for FBA stock


ah - you are not in UK ?!


not in UK, but selling to UK


Yes you will get charged for storage whilst you have stock in the warehouse.

Is it possible you have already raised a disposal order but it hasn’t been completed by Amazon yet?

I can’t see any reason why it would say there was no stock to remove/dispose unless Amazon have decided you can’t have access to the stock for now due to the suspension. Have you tried asking Seller Support for help?


seller support automatically declines all of my requests due to suspension, so there is no way I can get any seller support help


I not sure there is much else that can be done at present. I am not sure how long it takes for an account to be closed once it has been suspended. Maybe someone else will know.

You may have to continue to pay the charges until the account is closed.

Alternatively do you want to continue to sell on Amazon and will you be getting a VAT number? If so I would push on with this and get yourself reinstated if you can.


A suspended account cannot be closed. The suspension has to be lifted first by resolving the problem that caused it, as the OP has already been told in his other thread


How long ago did you apply for a vat number ?
Surely if its in process its cheaper to leave your stock where it is and then continue to sell it once your account is reactivated by adding the vat number


I would have thought that once you’ve triggered the requirement for a vat number by sending the stock you can’t just remove the stock and not get a vat number to get around it.


Not sure you can remove inventory if account deactivated (especially with Product Authenticity claims).

I think you can only dispose?