Remove (not disable) Jungle Scout permission


Good morning everyone.

I currently have a Jungle Scout account linked to my Amazon FBA account. The only problem is that the JS account email (personal account (* is different to my FBA account (, so I cannot take advantage of the features (such as email campaigns etc).

This was a mistake on my part to link the accounts.

What I have done is to close the JS account with my personal email, and set up another one with the same email as my FBA account.

So far so good…

But, when I try and link the accounts, JS comes back with a ‘YOU CAN’T DO THAT, AS THIS AMAZON FBA ACCOUNT IS REGISTERED TO ANOTHER EMAIL’ message.

I’ve been into the relevant page ( and tried to disable JS access, which is easy. However, this doesn’t work. I actually need to DELETE the app from the page and then retry linking it from Jungle Scout.

How the heck do I do it?? I’ve got a case open with support, but wondered if anyone knew how to do it manually.


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