Repeat refund thief



I don’t use the word thief lightly when I describe This thieving customer…
Because this customer has claimed non receipt of orders 9 times and filled for a refund each time.
I have sent him proof of sending plus proof of receipt with his signature, but every time without fail I gets an Email from amazon saying a refund has been issued to him.

I written so many emails to customer support, violation team, appeals, managing director, and I even hopelessly tried to phone, I have reported him continuously, and I have also sent the buyer so many responses but no reply after the initial statement of “didn’t receive . can I have full refund”.

He seem to know what he is doing… he contact me with a single email then he wait for amazon to give him a refund without engaging with me, and so far he has claimed £250 worth of orders ranging between £15 to £90

I am absolutely stuck to what I can do to stop his obvious falls claims, as talking to amazon is like talking to a brick wall… actually that is an insult to the brick wall to describe it
the same as amazon !!

can anyone suggest something useful I can do ?

thank you in advance for your response.


Someone more knowledgable will be along later but, in the meantime…

Send them a Cease and Desist letter requesting them to stop ordering from you.

Cancel any further orders from them as ‘problem with address’ (which they surely can’t deny if, according to the customer, nothing arrives there)

Email to the team to try to get them to cover your losses so far.


Hi firstly your crazy for sending item back to him after 1st time and definetly the second lol

You need to not send any further orders to that address.
On your message from the customer also click to report it button, there’s no way to block him completely only amazon can do that and as you have learned it’s unlikely he is going to be removed but he needs to learn the cash cow has stopped.
If you have delivery insurance you should also be filing losses there.

On the next message you get from the customer I would reply something like below.
"Hi, hope your well after an internal audit we have found that you have made X claims totalling X amount due to our current lost item rate been less than 100% we have had to report this as potential fraudlent claims to Amazon and to the courier.
The courier has got back to us already to advise they are double checking the GPS location of each parcel scan to confirm if they were scanned at your address and will be speaking to the courier but please note they may be in contact as with us having to make a claim they advised due to the number they will most probably need to contact the police. If in the unlikely event the police find it is yourself who has been taken the goods the courier would then persue it as fraud whilst we would also look to bring charged of obtaining goods by decsption. If in the other hand it is found to be the courier they would also be prosecuted either way we will get to the bottom of this and tampering with official mail carries a minimum 18month sentence.
If I could kindly ask you be patient whilst this is looked into.


A cease and desist letter has no legal standing, it’s just a paper tiger.

File a complaint with the Royal Mail or courier who will no doubt investigate. Also report the buyer to Action Fraud who are very helpful and do investigate. I’ve only had to do this once and never heard from the buyer again. Just keep all of what you do off of Amazon.

I certainly would NOT do as suggested as you would be making an accusation that the buyer is a thief even though he probably is. If he complains to Amazon they would take a very dim view of this and probably suspend your account.


Hi so what would you suggest is the best way with your experience what has worked for you.
What myself and @Jackie1 have suggested will help deter the customers if you sell a decent quantity of items yourself I’m sure you will have run into issues and we know Amazon will not assist in instances like this.

So it’s a case of be firm or role over and take it again.


Just a snippet of what I send.

We will contact the Royal Mail in this instance and have them investigate the matter as they are now recording the GPS location of where the item was delivered. If an investigation is made and the result is a crime has been committed IE by a Royal Mail employee or anyone else we will inform the police as tampering with Her Majesty’s mail is a serious offence and not taken lightly.

Usually the item is suddenly found with a neighbour or a member of the family signed for it and the buyer didn’t know.

Sellers need to be firm with scammers but not make threats or accusations as that can backfire. Be ambiguous and let the scammer read between the lines.


So pretty much all the same really we are all sending similar just using different strengths.

The issue is there’s not really much we can do other than that, I read a newspaper article once about a amazon seller lost A-Z but then pursued the customer legally afterwards they recived a legal letter only but then the customer was given a £50 voucher and the seller suspended.

It is to much in customers favor I know its harder with covid no signatures but still there are people out there just taking the pee


I guess so but I would never make any statement that can be construed as an accusation or threat.

That’s why you should keep everything off Amazon though that doesn’t prevent you from a suspension. But if you are suspended and you have the time and resources you can take Amazon to court.

If I’m not mistaken sales platforms such as Amazon and the well known auction site cannot remove a seller without prior warnings.


:+1::+1::+1: Wow that’s long over due will have a proper read of it shorty like amazon selling own stock and regulating them self’s is wrong


I would just cancel all future orders. If he is saying he is not getting them, you can say there is a problem with the address.


Then you would eventually get suspended as the cancellations would affect your metrics.

I can only suggest using a tracked and signed for method purchased on Amazon


They would have to create a case each time for the order cancelled to cover the self’s


I get hit by the same buyer on a regular basis

what i now do is mark as despatch BUT DO NOT SEND

when he then says its not arrived i do the refund


I would love to see the message they send when they suddenly discover all 15 of the orders!


sigh, I just had one send me empty pods back. I hit refund but managed to cancel it when I opened the pack later at home to use myself. Asked the person (i won’t use the word customer) to send a prepaid label to take it back for recycling or I can do it on your behalf.

How do I cover my back with this?


Report to Action fraud and send customer copy of confirmation report has been filed. Action fraud probably do nothing but it may deter customer


When you see his name on an order simply cancel the order. As a reason put address undeliverable, and if Amazon complain, simply tell them that all orders to his address fail to arrive. You have ample proof that he doesn’t receive the items, or he claims he doesn’t.


Probably… My neighbour took all of them in for me but forgot to tell me.


What was the reason for the return?


send him a message saying if he buys from you in the future you will cancel and report him to the police for online theft and fraud
this happened to me i sent this message he did not do it again
amazon is run by computer bots best to sort it out yourself