Repeat Request For German Tax Certificate


Hi Guys,

Since August 5, every 10 days I receive the email asking for a German Tax Certificate and every week I submit the declaration confirming that I do not generate taxable sales in Germany.

Is this just an auto-repeat request to be ignored or, regardless of my declaration, does Amazon genuinely think my sales figures of -1.24 (euro) in Germany in the last 12months warrants a tax declaration?

I disabled inventory on all EU platforms 12 months ago and Amazon’s threat to block me from selling on .de if I don’t submit a certificate is absolutely welcome (and on all EU platforms) if it means I will no longer be asked to submit something I don’t have to; based on their criteria!

It makes no difference to me, they can accept my declarations or block me, but you might answer the question for others!

Your thoughts welcome!

Thank you,


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