Replacing charge method


We needed to replace the charge method card as our bank sent out new debit cards.
Now we getting this (see picture) and we can’t access anything unless we update charge methods for those countries……we do not and have never sold in those countries and have never had charge methods for those countries either.


check your holiday settings incase your not set to on holiday for them countries


The issue is because the card is a debit card but my amazon account only has space for credit card and not debit card.
I rang my bank as amazon cs suggested and this was confirmed by my bank, amazon are trying to push it through as a credit card.
Amazon need to fix it.


After a few CS messages they have no clue what the problem is, which doesn’t surprise me as I’ve never had a conversation with a CS person who actually understood the issue and actually helped.
So I’ve told them to pay our sales money directly into our bank account linked to our seller account and we will close our seller account.
I’m done with Amazon.


We don’t sell in eu but have added our debit card details for those countries with no issues


We did have a debit card, it our last one was a debit card but our bank sent out new card which clearly states on it that it is a debit card.
When we updated the card it changed to credit card and all the other options for cards weren’t there.
Now we can’t change it and any attempt to change it just says ‘credit card’ and we have no access to anything on seller central.
CS are utterly useless, which I’m not surprised at. We’ve had to contact them before and they’ve always been useless.


Oh and we don’t sell in the EU either only in the UK


I have 9 marketplaces showing on my account - as many probably do however, I have no inventory listed on any site other than UK, holiday settings are on all but uk and international shipping is off
But if amazon stated a card needed to be added to France in order for my UK account to be active - I would add it - I don’t see a problem with it

My listings are not showing on any other site either

Have you actually deleted your listings from EU sites ?


They won’t be if you delete them from your eu sites - mine aren’t


I haven’t deleted anything.

The only thing I’ve changed is my card details which is what they asked for as my current card is out of date.

When I tried it said I needed to update the card for all the EU countries and still wouldn’t work. CS told me to contact my bank. My bank have said the card is a debit card (which it is) and amazon are pushing it through as a credit card and when I look at it on seller central central it clearly says “credit card” and there is nowhere for me to input any debit card, believe me I’ve looked a thousand times or more, I’ve googled, I’m at a loss and CS are useless.


Mine says credit card at the top of the page but its a visa debit card

When adding the card, I just ticked all the sites


When I stopped selling to eu just before brexit, I went in and disabled build international listings tool and then went into each site via the drop down at the top right of the page next to messages/ help / settings
Once there ie on France, I went into inventory and deleted all my listings
Then changed it to Germany and did the same etc etc

You have to make sure build international listings is off though otherwise you could affect your UK listings or, they may also relist themselves on eu sites


Our previous one said debit card.
This one is saying credit card and our bank is saying that amazon is pushing it through as a credit card.
It doesn’t matter what I try, nothing works.
I’m giving up. I hate Amazon. I’ll close the account and won’t shop on there either.


Try just deleting the odd one first to make sure it doesn’t affect your UK listing

Do I remember correctly that you are fbm only too ?


It’ll say ‘get started’ in a yellow box if its not activated
If it is activated, it’ll show all your linked countries (source and target countries)


Does it let you access the account to remove the listings etc ?


No access at all.
I can access the ‘settings’ and it says there I can request account closure.


I had to update cards the other day. We don’t sell anywhere but the UK and have all other locations on holiday mode and unlinked them. We did have to list our card with each channel though.


That’s not the issue, the bank don’t know what Amazons issue is, apart from they keep pushing it through as a credit card when it’s a debit card.
We’ve updated card details, updated address, done everything they’ve suggested and nothing has worked.

We have had enough of Amazon, it’s been nothing but issues since we joined, we had to constantly redo our VAT cert to suit them and then get a letter from HMRC but that wasn’t enough and they wanted our tax information. Even HMRC got fed up and couldn’t understand Amazons issue.

Then every year to 18 months all of product information disappears from all of our items on the main amazon site (they are there on seller central but when a customer looks at them there is no information on the item at all) and the only answer CS gives is to redo each listing again and delete the old ones so we lose reviews and rankings.

Then when the white pictures came into force, they removed all of ours 6 months before the deadline. We got the email in the December and they started removing our listings about a week later. Keeping in mind the deadline was for August and has since been extended and there are still sellers without white backgrounds.

That’s not including the constant scammers who swear at us, we report them, amazon do nothing and they still allow them A-Z refunds.

There’s countless other things. But we’ve had enough.


After several more calls to our bank and numerous more failed card inputs we spoke to a lady from Amazon CS this afternoon who did confirm (see attached picture) that you do in fact need a credit card NOT a debit card, to sell on seller central.

If your bank wasn’t previously checking and they allowed it through, then upon the card being replaced they will no longer allow it.

She clearly stated, the card may go through once as a debit card, but next month, it will get declined and your funds will be on hold and account completely limited.

We don’t have a credit card so are now having to apply for a credit card just so we can get what we are owed from Amazon.

We did do some searching and there is a lot out there about amazon only allowing credit cards for seller central and while it may go through as a debit card, once that card needs renewing you will need a credit card.

I am 100% correct on Amazon CS. I spent countless days going backward and forward telling them the debit card was fine and that they were pushing it through as a credit card only for their CS to keep keep spouting utter rubbish about incorrect address, my card being prepayment, my card not having enough funds blah blah blah.

Well maybe if they knew what they were doing in the first place they wouldn’t upset sellers on their platform, sellers who are also buyers.