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any tips how to work/arrange/ keep records from Amazon. It is not an Excell spread sheet. I am trying to figure out a system, how to set up inventory, selling, payments, shipments etc regime so my accountant and boss will be happy. I know that some people use pivot tables in Excell, but it is too complicated.



My first port of call would be to really get to grips with the Business Reports. Try not to glaze over the figures go through each of the reports and get to know them. I recommend doing a bit at a time - say 1hr per day so you don’t get overwhelmed (or bored). Once you get over the overwhelming amount of data - things will start to make sense to you - persevere and you’ll be rewarded.

Understand the figures and you’ll start to carve out a working process that works for you. Once you understand the figures things will make a lot more sense.

My next stop would be the Payments Reports - there is a wealth of information in these reports, especially the Refund reports.

I’d like to give you a blueprint but every business is different and everyone works differently.

Best to become a master of your own business and will require you to put in the hours to understand what goes on behind the scenes.

Your boss will genuinely thank you for the effort you’ve put in and you’ll be the office Amazon Master

Good luck


The sheer amount of data available to you can definitely be a bit full on! As above Payments report is a good one to start with, but I would also recommend taking a look at Business Reports > By ASIN > Detail Page Sales and Traffic.

The above report will show you, to put it as basically as possible, which of your products and offers are performing the best from a raw sales perspective. You can drill down a little further too though in that you can look at your Page Views and Sessions metrics and if you see any that look particularly high when the sales on that product are very low then you may have identified an offer that needs work as it isn’t converting. That could be due to high competition on that listing (lots of offers) or content that isn’t converting. High page views means you’re getting found but low conversions means you’re not selling.

Hopefully you can digest the essay that was that paragraph! From a pure marketing perspective, in my opinion, that is one of the easiest reports to understand that will provide you with the most ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of actionable insights from the time you spend looking at it :slight_smile:


Have a conversation with the accountant - they may well have a preference for software which you can then build out from.

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