Request to remove unfulfilable stock problem


Recently sent multiple SKU,s on the small and light programme and all went into receiving in the last few days, 2 shipments, one to EUKA and one to EUKD. Most items are showing as received but this morning most are showing as unfulfillable and even ones that were accepted weeks ago and been selling of that SKU also added to the list.
Is this just a glitch and I need to be patient or is there a problem I need to sort out?
Anyone had this before?




Hi you need to see what the reason for unfulfillble actually is if its something to do with prep or damage your nkt going to manage to get them listed and will need to create a removal or disposal order it could also be they have become damaged at fba they will reimburse and dispose if this is the case.


Hi thanks for your reply, the reason given is defective.

Now I may know what the problem is as we changed the bag colour that the product goes in.

We have been shipping in white cotton bags but had to swap to blue as no supplies, the listing states they come in a cotton bag but does not give a colour and we do not show the colour in the pictures but FBA had some already in stock that were in white bags.

Does this sound right?



I can’t see that causing an issue myself