Requesting Feedback on Shipping Setting Automation (SSA) Feature


Hello Sellers,

At the request of the Seller Support team, please click the following link to complete a
4-6 minute survey:

You will get the opportunity to share your feedback on the Shipping Setting Automation (SSA) feature and also get the opportunity to register your interest for future SSA seminar sessions provided you flagged your interest on the survey.

Feel free to discuss the survey here. The survey will close on September 30.


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Buyers know all they have to do is moan at Amazon if the date of delivery is not met. A-Z Claim raised and Buyer has a free item, and A-Z counted against the Seller.

Royal Mail especially ‘forget’ to scan all deliveries, so more refunds.

ESTIMATED delivery dates would be useful, but they should be clear not guaranteed, but estimated and say only a claim 7 days after that can be made (unless paid for Priority delivery, then investigated instead after 2 days perhaps).


Totally agree with you DAE-1

Royal Mail give ESTIMATES on their 24/48 services - they are NOT a guaranteed delivery service

Also, as I posted in another post, Amazon are saying using this will give ‘faster transit times’!!!
How is using this service ever going to give a faster transit?


I know, impossible to be faster even if local, as Sellers are not delivering themselves, even if the person is next door, as there would be no tracking.

If you are say in Bridport Dorset.

Delivery to your next door neighbour, the parcels all go to Birmingham (Royal Mail Hub) and back again to be delivered. Amazon estimates a 2-day delivery. RM show as an estimated 2 to 3 working day delivery, so Buyers will likely complain if late.

Delivery to a Buyer at the NEC (near Birmingham), the parcels all go to Birmingham (Hub) and then only a few miles down the road to be delivered, so very near the Royal Mail parcel hub. Amazon estimates a 3-day delivery. RM show as an estimated 2 to 3 working day delivery, so Buyers will be ok, as on time.

So, no matter where you are both take the same amount of time.

If you have Parcelforce 24 or DPD 24, again both should be delivered in 24 hours as an average, no matter where you are!

Therefore, unless something like NI to NI, which could be quicker, or Highlands and Islands, which can take longer, unless sending from those areas, to delivery in the same area. The whole of the UK mainland should be classed as one zone.


‘This survey will take 4 - 6 minutes to complete.’

10 Seconds later…


I Shipped on the 23rd July…
Logged 19 support tickets since then
My shipment has dissapeared into the ether
Provided pod, amazon support keeps closing my support tickets

10k of stock liquidated into neverland - without any way to complain

Whenever i log a support ticket amazon support move my shipping status to the next step without ever actually actioning anything

Sick of this, honestly - the support is really bad our business has been offline with no stock on fba since july


Coming soon - “We have listened to our sellers and will be introducing the new policy on…”

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