Requires approval!


i have some toys for sale they are spin master toys branded with disney cartoons on looking through add product i am seeing a requires approval banner in the corner off the picture. could someone kindly explain what this will entail as i am doing this first time, thanks in advance, jim


Hi I don’t think you can obtain approval for anything Disney relayed I think they are approved retailers only I know certain toys just like Nike they restrict who they sell to so they can mange price etc.
For bog standard toys however you can request approval for a certainty you will need to provide proof of authenticity such as wholesalers invoice etc. And the wholesalers need to be searchable registered wholesalers that are contactable so they can confirm they do business with you.

If I’m wrong about Disney someone will point it out tomorrow mate but I’m fairly certain your wholesaler should tell you if there is any restrictions on them to


cheers peter, thats cleared things up a bit, ill just try and sell them through ebay