Reselling stranded inventory using private label


They look like Crocs but are not the Crocs brand which that listing is, they are a generic unbranded product that you cant sell as ‘Crocs’

And to sell a branded product you need permission from the brand, not from Amazon itself


Okay. Thanks. Sounds good. That is why I shared the issue here. I am looking for candid answers and solid advice because I am already under extensive pressure thinking how to get rid of these items to recoup some of the loss that I have already made unfortunately


Is there a specific reason you decided to import from China to start rather than UK suppliers ?


There is absolutely no reason except for being a beginner and inexperienced. I will appreciate it if I can have some tips on finding reliable UK suppliers here. I am new and that is why I run into this hot water


Yes, that is what I mean. Thank you. I will try to get rid of them somewhere else outside Amazon Platform


As you are in Birmingham already, try the spring fair this week at the NEC


Okay. Great. Thanks, mate. Yes, I am in Birmingham. I would certainly love to have UK suppliers. Are there any other addresses where I can go or have a look at around the UK for restarting the whole small business right from scratches ?


That’s a question for Google :grinning:


You still can’t call them crocs though


I will google it smile:


I will stop calling them crocs than :wink: How about calling them crocs like sandals ? hahah


The category they are in is ‘clogs and mules’

On ebay etc you can get away with saying ‘like crocs style’ etc but on amazon , the word crocs itself will be flagged as a violation


Thank you for that great piece of advice. This is what I need to dispose of without further hurting myself and the small business I have just started. Please see the screenshots


As above, stick em on ebay or a car boot as foam clogs/mules


Okay. Thanks for the information, great tips and time. Appreciate it


Hello @War_Child_Store,

I hope with all this great tips shared by the other sellers to find the best way to sell those products.

@othersellers- i want to thank you all for the great contribution and tips shared!



Good luck, we all make mistakes sometimes.
I would do as others have suggested and sell them at a car boot sale £4 per pair. They will sell fast.


Google it, there are some posts and sites that list good UK wholesalers, you will come across them if you search. Contact the suppliers, check their social media, their ratings and reviews. Check how their products do on Amazon and if there are opportunities. Several suppliers have a low minimum order therefore you can test and experiment. And if you look around you will find opportunities, but be prepared to spend a lot of time researching. Because my suppliers deliver the next working day I don’t even have to gamble a small fortune. I can order a few, if they sell, I order some more and so on. If they don’t sell, it’s not a big deal and I don’t have to sell the cat to recover the costs.

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