RESTRICTED PRODUCTS: Food Supplement Outside of Health & Personal Care Category


Hello everyone,

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of these restricted policy notifications, and the language of these particular seems a little weird. I’ve asked our Amazon rep to provide some guidance on this specific policy so that we can better understand it but he wasn’t much help.

Hopefully there is someone here that is familiar, or an Amazon employee who can shed some light on this policy for us.

This is the notification we’ve been getting:

Hello from Amazon,

We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog:

ASIN: B0XXXXXXX, SKU: XXXXXXXXX, Title: “XXXXXXX Calcium Gummy Vitamins, 100ct”

This product has been identified as a food supplement or similar product that is listed outside of the Health and Personal Care category (gl_drugstore). It is against Amazon policy to list such products outside of the Health and Personal Care category. In order to properly list these products, you will need to obtain prior approval.

This says that these products have been removed for being listed outside of the Health & Personal Care categories. I do not think they were listed in the wrong category, but if they were - shouldn’t Amazon just correct the category that they’re in instead of removing the products from the catalog?

Also, it says we need to obtain approval to list in this category. How? Thought we were already approved?

And lastly, if we need approval - why are the listings removed from Amazon altogether?

Anyways, happy holidays to everyone here!!
Hoping someone can enlighten us on this particular policy.


To be honest it seems clear enough to me.
The items must have been listed in a different category, to the one listed.
Usually this is because people do this to get around the rules.

However, the email you have recieved is standard email for the above. But if you are already approved, then there is nothing else for you to do.
But the only way to be sure, is to try and create a listing in said category. It will soon tell you if you are not.

And no, Amazon practice is to simply close these kind of listings. They need to go through the proper channels, rather than just moving them.