Retrieving Funds After A Suspension


Ok so I had my account suspended a couple of months back now over a listing I added myself to. Basically there was a listing I wanted to source and sell my items on but before I could even source the item Amazon requested invoices for the item. As I hadn’t sourced the item yet this was impossible so Amazon suspended my account. I tried to argue but all the wanted was the invoice for the item I had never brought.

That’s mostly unimportant. I have basically given up on my account now and no longer want to deal with Amazon. As I never sold anything on my account the only cash I have in there is £30 which is a refund of my pro seller account fee. I have talked to there payments team about this but they can’t do anything until my suspension is resolved. Basically I want to know how I can go from being suspended to being banned so that I can retrieve my funds. Or if anyone knows a easier way to retrieve my funds please let know :grin:


TBH that would be easier than dealing with Amazon
But unfortunately you either have to lift the suspension [which shouldn’t be difficult btw] or wait at least 90 days and keep your card active so that they can pay you at the end of that time.
Appealing the suspension and getting the account running again isn’t impossible.


I’m at the stage where I am just getting automated email responses. Basically saying I haven’t provided enough evidence. They seem pretty adamant to get this invoices so without them invoices I don’t see how I can move forward. But I can always try again.


Also I think I was suspended at the end of February so it has been over 90days so should I try contact the payment guys again?


All new sellers should be very careful about what they list as Amazon may anytime request them to provide invoices as the proof of authenticity for random items from their inventory, without any prior complaints.

If you had your Seller Account deactivated, you can easily get it reinstated by deleting the entire inventory and then appealing with a Plan of Action like this: