Return Dissatisfaction Rate


I have just checked my account health and looked at this report as it is showing a percentage for the first time.

I think this is going to become a problem as it is very clear customers have no idea what they are leaving feedback for. I have this customer who purchased an item with a decorative zip. It is very obvious that the zip is not meant to be closed and is there for decoration.

This person used and returned the item with the excuse that the zip did not close, well obviously as it is not meant to do so and it tells you that in the description of the product. But instead of just returning it after using it for whatever she wanted to wear it for FREE, she left a negative return.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the product and her return said it was faulty which it very clearly is not. But she has created a negative return, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with the return process either, she got a free return, sent it back and was refunded immediately in spite of the fact that she just wanted something to wear and return it.

But there is no justification whatsoever for a negative return experience because it was the product she was trying to blame for the return no matter how unjustified. Customers clearly have no idea what the difference is between one feedback report and another. I foresee this becoming a nightmare of customers giving negative feedback in the wrong place, they already do that as they don’t know the difference between product feedback and seller service feedback.

But now they have a third one to beat us up with, so they are going to use it to try to justify everything and any reason for making a return. Is there no limit to the way in which sellers are going to be abused with no justification whatsoever.

Another problem is that I always process refunds for returns immediately, but Amazon does not always pay the money back to the customer immediately and sellers are being blamed for that as well even although it has nothing to do with us.


Don’t worry, Return Dissatisfaction Rate is just an advisory metric and it has no impact on your account.


I know that is the case at the moment but I hate getting negatives for anything and I am concerned that like everything else it will become more than advisory. It may well become another metric that customers can unfairly damage our accounts with.


True, but since its populated with complete gibberish from people that don’t know what they’re talking about or are purposely abusing the return system, it’s only use is negative, not positive.


Exactly, if you have a customer who seems to be determined to prove they have a right to return like I had, even when I was not questioning the return, then they seem to take every opportunity they can find to get their point across.

Especially when deep down they know they are in the wrong and really they had just ordered something to wear once and return it. So they invented the fact that it was faulty to return it. Then in their head they still need to prove their point, so created a negative about the returns process.


Some sellers do care about any of the advisory metrics that currently have no direct impact on the performance of their selling account.

We are all striving the perfect 100% account health, so to anything less than 100% may well be concerning for some, especially as the RDR could become an issue in the future


They may care, but it’s a waste of time as the metrics have no impact on your account and this was the case for years.


I understand, but its OCD for 100% satisfaction rate - across the board - regardless of which metrics count?