Return not arrived back


ahh right result then well done


As sellers we have to proof the customer received by sending the order using a trackable service the same principal should apply. If the seller hasn’t received the item back the customer can put in a claim with the courier such as Royal Mail. Claim forms are available in every post office. As a seller we have to keep proof of everything we dispatch. Amazon does encourage customers to use a trackable service when returning something above £20.


yes i agree they have to on ebay its a bit of a grey area on here unfortunately


I do not think there is equal playing field it appears to be all one sided at the sellers expense.


yes i know but as i have said before ebay needs its sellers amazon does not sad but true


No we didn’t receive negative feedback


How much was the item, AMAZON tell Buyers over a certain value to include proof with tracking/signature etc.

If just proof paid postage it means nothing, he could have bought stamps, Post Office provide proof of posting inc address (usually minimum building number + postcode).

I’d tell the Buyer to claim from Royal Mail if not delivered by xx date (date supplied by RM as being lost), most do that ok.

If A-Z Claim, you tend to win, as long as defended saying not received back, and no proof delivered.

Bad feedback is harder, so try and get the Buyer to accept to claim and you will complete details to back them up to give as part of the claim.


In my experience, this type of customer usually does this on a regular basis and is probably refunded by a lot of sellers and hopes just to get the refund .

Normally these scammers , try to keep under the radar and normally do not claim or leave feedback

They are just hoping to get away with it


Hi I have had several of these claims. It will end inn an ato z . Make sure you reply with all information from point of order to authorising the return. Make sure that you state that you have not received the item from the buyer. Eg the return. Amazon will then ask the customer to provide proof of return. Proof of postage is not proof of return…Amazon will normally withdraw the claim or refund the seller funded by amazon. You will end up getting negative feedback but a good honest reply to the feed back is all you can do as amazon will not remove feedback. In 10 years selling online I have never had a claim like this turn up late but there is always a first


Sticking my neck out here but have to say I never refund until I have the item back.
First signed up with Amazon 2002 and have only ever had one A-Z , also unless there has been trouble early on in the transaction my not refunding until getting item back has not resulted in negative feedback either.
Of course I get some negative feedback but not in the above case,
Most people are very reasonable,maybe its what you sell that makes a difference?


Without meaning to ask the obvious, but have you asked him to which address he sent it back?

We’ve had a few occasions whereby the buyer has returned our goods to the wrong retailer which meant that we refused to take further action. Similarily, we’ve received returns intended for other retailers lumped in with our returns.

The problem is that the Amazon returns system for orders involving multiple retailers is slightly confusing. One return label raised is often confused as being one to send everything back and not the correct one which would only apply to that specific item.