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Hiya can anyone help on this one , with both Replublic of Ireland & Northern Ireland our products sells well, But recently every order (which there is a lot) we send out to Republic of Ireland is been returned to us by republic of ireland customs sticker on them stating RETURN TO SENDER. REJECTED/FAILED ELECTRONIC CUSTOMS CLEARENCE. I post by click & drop , fill in the CNN form, add Amazons IOSS number, nothing is overlooked on the customs form. This was happening with Etsy last week (which im waiting a reply) evrey one sent been return, bvut now i have just received 3 back from the postman with the same thing & they are all Amazon orders


You need to register for EORI number starting with XI. ?


It’s an issue between Royal Mail and An Post from what I read and An Post expecting something different to what Royal Mail are stating with information about the packages. Until those companies resolve whatever the issue is, you are likely to keep on getting the items returned to you. The items I’ve heard of getting through okay to Irish customers (Republic of Ireland) have all been sent by couriers. So that might be something you might want to look into instead.

I haven’t sent to the Republic of Ireland for a long time (I was just posting what I’ve read elsewhere about issues sending there). But I do still send to Northern Ireland, and I haven’t had any issues with customers receiving in Northern Ireland.


Hiya Thank you for your reply , can i be cheeky & ask you where do i get this EORI Number


We have not had any known issues in Ireland. We registered for an IOSS number which starts with XI. VAT is not deducted at source.


Hiya Thanks for getting back to me, thats all i need a arguement between the royal mail & an post. Northern Ireland is fine they are getting through no problem its Republic of Ireland & I reall dont want to loose revenue from them


We cannot add hyperlinks to this forum so the best thing to do is use a search engine type register for IOSS Ireland and click register. Make sure it’s a government website you register with.


Hiya I have the IOSS number from mAmazon which starts with IM & thats on all my parcels abroad


Does the IM number appear on all orders for Ireland? Does the order appear with a header which looks like this?


Hiya Yes that thre one the IOSS number came from Amazon & had no problem until now all parcels going abroud has the same IOSS number


So what you are saying is tax is deducted at source on every order you get for Ireland and has an IOSS starting with IM? You trade from the UK and ship the product yourself.

Second question you use the CN22 customs declaration for orders below £150 and provide the correct commodity code, description, place of origin, amount, weight etc and your commercial trading address.

Do customs give you a reason for returning the order?


Hiya Thank you for your help, you were quite right i needed this EORI, its took a while but done, I had to have a GB number before i could get the EORI number , but all done just wanting for the EORI number coming through the post




Once you have registered your existing GB number will change to XI instead of the GB and there will be three noughts at the end of the your existing VAT number.


Also watch out that Ire. can sometimes have different HS/Taric codes - often with extra numbers on the end. I always check this first (for Ireland) -


Hi Sue, sorry could you elaborate on what info you found out exactly? I.e. why you would need an EORI number? As far as I know, as long as Amazon is collecting the VAT, and you are putting their IOSS number, that should be the requirement.
Because I am facing the same issue as you, but already have an EORI number.
Thanks in advance,


Also check if your item’s HS code is not on the prohibited list available at Royal Mail website:

If you are sending an item to Ireland via the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) VAT scheme, with an HS code where the first 6 digits relate to a chapter or heading in the table below, please be aware these are restricted by Irish Customs and will be returned to sender.

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