Returnless refunds


Dear sellers,

I got an unconfirmed information about a new policy about returning.

It says that customer can ask for refund and do not need to send the shoes back- “returnless refunds”.
Says some seller receive the email from Amazon.

Any one receive it?

I cannot believe in and do not want to believe.



yes I believe this is being rolled out next month or maybe October.

Apparently it is a feature being requested by many sellers to cut down on paperwork and handling.

I can not remember the email fully but I think it is optional and you can opt out.

However as this is a customer friendly option don’t be surprised that if you opt out you don’t feature as prominently in search results. I’m sure it will feature in the algo’s at some point.


No, haven’t received that email but I believe and hope this is just for items sold by Amazon only.


It is a new Amazon policy.

However, it will not apply to all marketplace transactions. It will be an opt-in scheme. If you want to offer returnless refunds (apparently some sellers would prefer to avoid the hassle of processing returns. I guess especially so in categories where sellers are already obliged to pay the cost of return postage), you will be able to. If you don’t want to, you won’t have to.

Which will no doubt cause confusion in the minds of some buyers.



“I’ve paid to try it out, and it is very nice. I’d like to keep it now, can I have my refund please”

The only difference will be the customers won’t be so polite.

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