Returns Accepted Until End May (if Bought in Feb+)


Note AMAZON are being generous with our money again!

What do others think?

Certainly open to abuse, to use an item from 15 February and return at the end of May (so up to 3 and a half months use). Considering the law is 14 days, surely 30 days is long enough. No one can resell items 3 months old when they receive them back, 3 months guarantee has gone, even if nearly as new.

Couriers are still COLLECTING and delivering to Buyers, in the UK (and most other countries), so no need to extend the return period. Or, at least it should be that the Buyer MUST request a return within the 30 days still and only ‘as new’ items to be returnable as soon as possible, if any shut-down of Post Offices, etc.



26 March 2020

Temporary return window extension

We are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, selling partners, employees, and the communities we serve. To give customers more time to return items in these challenging times, we have temporarily extended the return window of our returns policy. We request that you match our returns policy for the applicable Amazon website, regardless of your fulfilment solution.

For orders on,,,,, and

Most items ordered on any of these websites between 15 February 2020 and 30 April 2020 can now be returned until 31 May 2020.

For orders on

Most items ordered on after 15 February 2020 can be returned up to 30 days after the official restoration of freedom of movement in Spain. Please keep in mind that, according to the Royal Decree-Law of 18 March, the deadlines for returning products are suspended and subject to the restrictions on freedom of movement enacted by the Spanish government.


I’m sure Amazon will take their own policy when making decisions against sellers - but interesting that they say “We request” rather that “Sellers are required”. So from the wording it would appear it is not requirement - although of course Amazon will be processing the FBA returns so it is required for FBA sellers.
Whilst I imagine most customers will not abuse it. I am sure some will try.


To be fair, whilst it is frustrating, this is probably so that those self-isolating can return an unwanted / unused item once they are out of isolation rather than forcing them to go to a post office unnecessarily


I don’t want your virus ridden item, keep it.


I feel it’s only right that the return window be extended in these circumstances.
As for being open to abuse, those that are going to abuse it would do it anyway, whether it be a 30,60,90 day or 1yr window.


3 months is too long, Amazon may be able to afford it but most small business can’t. And very open to abuse, as usual. I would have thought Amazon would have learnt from having to shut one of their large return centres, due to 10 people testing positive.


I find it quite annoying that they think they can back date it… if I accept a new return window to Continue selling from today fair enough but for items sold before the change?


MonkeyBoy, perhaps that is why they have altered the policy, so their Returns Staff can be reduced in numbers (even if it is because they are ill).

However, most small Sellers accept items back and can ensure cleaned when received, they can be collected by a courier, eg Hermes for an extra few pence, so no one has to go to the Post Office.

At least it should be the return request is still within 30 days, even if they extend the date to return after that point. They should also say it needs to be ‘as new’ and not used all that time.


Well, it isn’t, so there’s not really any point in pushing this any further. They have made a decision, like it or not. I don’t have any issue with it because it’s not really any different to the Christmas returns process. Any system is open to abuse and abusers will always take advantage sometimes, as anglozone points out. We are living in strange times and they will get even stranger before this is all over.


If someone falls ill and is taken to hospital then I’m sure that their first thougt is going to be ’ i must get someone to send in that return request within the 30 day period"…

Of course the 30 days needs extending too as not everyone may be in a position to make that request.
Don’t forget all the staff working long arduous hours trying to help [in whatever capacity] with this crisis, they may need that extra leeway too.


It does NOT say that Sellers have to adopt the policy, but I am sure if FBA or SFP, then Amazon CS will just accept of course.

I note if someone is actually very ill then they may not be able to return something, but that is the same if they had another major illness under ‘normal’ times. Otherwise, perhaps it should always be 3 or more months to return unwanted items, to cover such in case that person cannot return something because they are unwell. Surely, it should be on a case-by-case basis, if the person just says they cannot get out to return, then arrange a courier collection. Whereas, if they inform that they have been seriously ill in any way, and now back at home to return after say 2 months, then allow (even if that is not this virus).

I understand if complete lock-down, but most people will use the item for 3 months, then realise they do not like it and return it as they are allowed to. If we have to fund a 3 month return policy for unwanted items, then prices need to increase considerably. Unwanted item returns already cost around £20 each if we are lucky (SFP courier costs say £5 to £7. Then Amazon fees to process a refund up to £5, then labour to pick/pick and check the return). If unopened that has lost you say £20, BUT in addition to that you have to resell as a used item as it is up to 1 months old, so another say 20% off the price when you sell it (if say £100 item, that is an extra £20 loss). So £100 item returned gives you a loss of £40 and you have no choice but to accept that for 30 days, but now returns for over 3 months, meaning probably a 40% discount at least, so total loss on an unwanted £100 will now be around £60

There is not much point in still working now if we just receive all the items back in 3 months as unwanted. After all, I’m sure a lot of items we sell won’t be wanted if people are back at work, and not home all the time.

I wonder if Safe-T Claims will cover on SFP, as the item cannot really be resold easily as it will be 3 months old


I think that perhaps you need to take a couple of :pill::pill: and try and chill a little.

People HAVE PERISHED. More people WILL PERISH and all you can think about is whether or not the odd customer will rip you off with a return in 2 months time?? Your priorities are all wrong. Can I just say, here and now, I couldn’t give a monkey’s chuff about returned goods in 2 months time. In fact, if I could guarantee it would save one life, JUST ONE LIFE…I would GIVE AWAY my entire stock. Bo***cks to returns. If all of your customers perish, there’ll be none to return stuff anyway !!


That is what worries me as we make personalised items for weddings and they are sent out SFP. This means that everybody who has purchased from us since February for a wedding this summer is now entitled to send back an item that is completely useless to us.


Problem is that who is actually going to want a returned item at the moment - I can imagine a scenario where someone who doesn’t want to return the item in reality just says that they are happy to return it BUT it comes from a CV-19 home.


It will be abused
Think of all the air purifiers and ozone products sold on here since the virus.
Most of them will wing there way back to Amazon in three months time without doubt


accept their decision or sell somewhere else, it’s that simple


I am afraid in the circumstances I don’t think Amazon could do anything else. Unfortunately for us sellers it means that the scammers out there will have a field day & treat us like lending libraries.


also the customer doesnt even need to leave the home for returns
all they do is book a collection by giving myhermes an extra £1.

But i dont see anything for help for sellers. ie couriers are no longer getting signatures and amazon still requesting proof if signature for determing cases.

i would think they support us no in some way but no still not


I’m in isolation (full shielding) for 12 weeks and cannot go to the post office to post an item to return to you. Why do you believe under these circumstances for returns to be too long?

I suppose you have a point if you’re paying for the return. The only reliable courier here for pickups are UPS and Parcelforce, Hermes is hit and miss usually miss.

Indeed, no help at all. I’m self employed and out of the goodness of the governments heart I’m getting extra income whether I’m still working or I’m not. Many, small businesses who are renting premises are getting rates freezes and free £10 000 cash grants. Indeed we aren’t getting anything at all.


the government have said : if you are positive you need to isolate for 14 days.
The ititial time is end of April and then it is being assessed.
Also there are so many courier thats collect parcels and not always royalmail. The uk should be 30 days from date of delivery. italy and spain at present are an exception as situations are hard there.

But the local market does not need a long returns policy.

I see the point above.

So if a claim is raised and COVID-19 is the topic and ALL COURIERS have said they will not get signatures. Where issupport for sellers who get claims and there is no signature.

All i think is if you can give 3 months on a return policy then surely we should get 3 days on non signature confirmations for delivery too.

No matter what if a sellers sends a parcel with which ever courier they are in risking a claim which amazon will refuse as they think sellers dont need protecting and buyers do.