Returns due to receiving incorrect size



Hoping someone can advise on the best way for me to move forwards.

I have a listing for a dog travel bed on ASIN B093CMTG52, small and large size available.

Started to receive returns with my latest order that arrived in Amazon for FBA, this was sent directly from the supplier.

Returns are due to incorrect size, although some customers are receiving the correct size.

I currently have the following in stock.

Small: Available - 259, Reserved 25 = Total 284
Large: Available - 454, Reserved 78, Researching 62 = Total 594

I was out of stock about 10 days ago and sent…

I sent 300 small, within the 10 days sold 28 but i still have 284 giving me additional 12 units.

I sent 500 large, within 10 days sold 60 but i still have 594 in stock giving me additional 154 units.

Presume there has been a labeling issue with my supplier but no idea why i have so many additional units.

1 option i have is to return all items to my house, check relabel etc. Although no idea where i put 5 pallets worth of products as this is part time for me while i try and grow.

Are you aware if Amazon at a cost to me will check each item and relabel? Item look exactly the same when packaged apart from the size.

Thank you


You can request a Bin Check from CS,but your items will be in multiple fc’s they may not do it.Dont think returning is an option,most pallet couriers will not deliver to a residential address.
Unfortunately,with the count being so out, I think you will have a major problem resolving this


Thank you Russ. Spoken with Amazon and they can complete a full inventory check and will take 48 hours, agreement due to the additional volume i have showing in stock. Hopefully receive further information here.

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