Review of your selling accoun


On electricity bill it same address which is available on Amazon but electricity bill is on my name,
Areton-ltd ad my address both are same


Your personal address on CH is different to your company registered address, did anything have your personal address on it ?


Sorry CH means , ,my address is same as company address , my personal Billing address same


Companies House
On companies House your registered address is Nottingham and your personal address scotland


Yes, but all other my documents showing same address only on company House it is different


On the companies House website


Yes, but all other my documents showing same address only on company House it is different.

Is this the main cause


It may also be in the UK but it’s in a different part of the UK. Your personal address is also on the CH website and if it doesn’t match what Amazon have on their records, that may be why they are rejecting the information you are supplying


Oh i just noticed , should change my personal address on Amazon and send documents of my Scotland bank statements and everything but don’t have electricity bill of Scotland address is that’ issue. I can move without that


Is your business actually based in Scotland now then or in Nottingham?


No business is not Scotland, it is in Nottingham, I’m different places it should not be problem person can live any where. Which documents i provided to Amazon all are for UK address only company House my address is Scotland. Which card I’m using for Amazon that’s is also registered at uk same address


Your personal credit card, utility bill and driving licence should all have the same address on which should match the personal address on amazon.


All are same everything is same. I make sure everything


For your security??? Yet Amazon ask for additional documentation. That’s weird.


amazon must find something they suspected.
First is your amazon was belong to someone else?
2nd, have you changed your business details in amazon before?
3rd: is there details you enter in amazon business exactly same as the one in company house?
4th: I can see you are selling gel product, however, is your company registered under that category?
5th: amazon mentioned “we need additional documentation to verify your payment methods and your identity.” So it could focus your payment methods and your identity. amazon may think you are not the right one with the company, or there should be a problem with your payment method. For example, you may bought a amazon account or you ask your friend or family registered a amazon account with their company, however, the payment method you link to amazon could be yours not the right one.
You may used a thrid part payment method.


Yes the email should read “For Our Security… we are keeping all your money” (not “Your”)

@Areton_Ltd Has your passport expired / been renewed since the last time it was verified with amzn


No it is not expired it vaild till 2028


The Seborrheic keratosis Removal XanthRemover 3 Solution, The specialised 70% Glycolic Acid Gel Peel at home: Beauty

This is one of product


Any Help ? Did you noticed any thing weird


My Appeal Rejected Every After 12 hours is it something bots doing on amazon or amazon just don’t want to take interest any more ? without any reply ?

Hello Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,

Thank you for providing an opportunity to appeal my seller account suspension under the sec 3 agreement. Account Suspended due to security reasons.

I’m selling on Amazon from more than 1 year and till now i have compiled all the guidelines my account is in good condition. I don’t have any duplicate accounts my account health is also good.

Root cause :

1: I failed to read Amazon agreement guidelines.

2: I take full responsibility.

3: My Payment Card was blocked due to some problem. That’s way on Amazon my Card declined. I have updated my credit when i noticed this problem.

Action take to resolve this issue:

1: When I noticed it is blocked I went to the bank to take a new card from the bank.

2: I have noticed my Amazon account restricted due to my card blocked I have updated it immediately. I used my new card.

  1. I have read all the Amazon Sec 3 guidelines. It is a breach of the agreement which I completely responsible for that and security reasons.

What I will do to prevent this from happening again:

1: I’ll make sure everything is fine next time anything related to my payment method or my card related.

2: I am going to hire 1 person team. He will just work on Amazon to fulfill Amazon policies and make sure everything good with Amazon always. So we don’t breach any agreement or anything.

3: I’ll personally make sure I’ll compile all guidelines and updated the working cards on it.

Supporting documents:

I’m also attaching my supporting documents with this plan of action:
I guess that, this Plan of Action sufficient to fix the problem and reoccurring again in the future.

Documents Listed :

  1. EON Electricity Bill: This contains my Name, My address, also how many units I have used of electricity.

  2. Cognito Forms Invoice & Recepit : On this receipt, you can easily see payment made Date paid July 2, 2021 Payment method– 7011.

3: Xero Invoice: On this invoice, you can easily see my Company name is there Areton Limited (Areton ltd )

4: Customer Invoice : I have attached one Invoice to customer, where you can see my singnature and my company and other information.

5: Bank Statement: I have uploaded Areton Limited bank Statement :

6: Areton Limited VAT: I have attached the copy of the VAT filling of Areton-ltd where you can information about the company

7: Company House document: Where you can company information, company registration number, etc.

8: Person with significant control and Shares: This document shows the I’m holding person with my Shares.

9: My Passport: I have attached my passport also.

Areton Limited