Review of your selling accoun


Do some of your docs say Ltd and some say Limited ?
Amazon require consistency


My all documents saying ARETON LIMITED. I Just change my personal residential Address which is different on Company house document and on amazon. don’t know is that the problem ?


Yes - if you have submitted docs from companies House that have your addresses as A and B, your amazon account details must match - A and B

If your ltd company is based in Nottingham and CH has your personal address as Scotland, you cannot send a bank statement with a (for example) London address


I have attached today my personal Scotland bank statements as well also update the address to Scotland on Amazon.


Is there any bots rejected the appeals bcz I’m not getting reply email I just recieved only 2 reply emails on my first 2 appeals


If you haven’t been rejected this time straight away then they will be looking at it


Again i have submitted from 2 hours but no response they will rejected every 12 hours