Rising rates of theft from inbound stock at BHX4


Or I’ve just been lucky?


It may be theft, but my guess is its just incompetence.

I gave up with FBA, way too stressful. Virtually every shipment sent in was counted incorrectly, either over or under, and many of the orders were being sent out incorrectly too, leaving me with some negative feedback. Hope you get it sorted Ashley


I’ve had to give up sending mixed cases of items that look similar. For example of box of Skylanders where the packaging is the same but the figure is different.

They never get it right. They always receipt 12 of the first one they pick up. I then have to wait 3 weeks before I start the fight to get them labelled correctly. By that time I have normally had a few complaints.


Is anyone else sending shipments to BHX4 only to have units missing from their shipment?

Out of the total 11 shipments I have made to FBA a total of 6 have had missing units, all of the shipments in question have been to BHX4. I have only been able to resolve 3 thus far.


We had a whole pallet shipped by Amazon Global Logistics from China to BHX4…it took so long that it missed it’s 90 days window to arrive at warehouse. Amazon said they will investigate after 60 days…but nought. AGL says go to SS. SS support says go to AGL. I gave up.

And in another shipment, again by AGL, 400+ units missing. 32 big carton boxes sent…so I suspect some boxes went awol.

Needless to say I’ll never use AGL again!

Simply insufficient help or recourse when things go wrong. So for high value item, so do FBM. Just not worth the risk.


Yes, happening all the time. I know I sent the correct items but boxes are ending up missing items (Ninendo Switch games) with the message:

Investigation completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed

Unable to get anywhere with seller support who claim they do checks at every stage during the receiving process.

I even have screenshots days after the shipments was unpacked with correct box quantity shown only for a a few weeks to pass and shipment closed with units missing. But still cannot get any help.

I suspect stock that is easy to conceal may be disappearing from the FBA warehouse.

Unfortunately it’s been happening more and more lately.


Why have you opened another thread on this? You’ve already made the same comments on another one?


I’m replying to this thread, and I have my own. Whats the issue?


The issue is you’ve created this thread…and it’s the same issue as the other thread. I didn’t mean you’ve created two threads. The only difference is, in one you say it’s “theft” and in the other you say it’s “missing”. Effectively, you’ve just created another thread on exactly the same problem (ie BHX4). Duplicate threads just confuse issues, that’s all and ends up with posters replying twice.


We also noticed a recent increase in ‘missing’ items at BHX4, in fact 9 out of the last 11 had discrepancies. However, we also had extra items checked in as well. In a sealed carton of 60 products, it says 61 checked in. With it being physically impossible to add one extra to the carton, I assume the check in procedure is causing both these issues. This was never an issue until the last 3 months.

If anyone has advice to stop this happening I’m all ears.


The two threads have now been merged, which makes it a lot easier to follow.


yes i am only finding this thread but totally agree. 2 shipments start of november, half of one shipment received absolutely none of the other.


ya im calling bs on that one …


Just had one go to BHX8, delivered on 5th November, only came into stock this week, and still only 2/3 of it is actually counted.

Had one to BHX4 sat in DHL warehouse along with another 150 pallets from other sellers for nearly 3 weeks as they were not accpeting deliveries. They are clearly overrun at the moment and not coping.


Might just be my take on it, but if some are experiencing “missing items” and some are not, maybe the “missing items” are more desirable than the others?.

I would assume on check in, the items have to be allocated their own space as FBA charge per x amount of space, which would then assumedly mean those items have to be counted, so unless it’s paper thin items that are being checked in I would assume it would be particularly difficult to not “scan” one item or however many are missing.


bs on mine??!


You can call as much “bs” as you like…it’s a fact; not one item ever lost. A few damaged but no discrepencies. Ever !!


Referring to me, I think.


We have loads of discrepancies, somethimes over but invariably under. I’m pretty sure that it’s not theft, more a case of incompetence or the staff struggling to meet their productivity targets. If they count it in and there’s an error, pound to a penny they don’t check their work as they simply don’t have the time.

Unfortunately, we now simply roll with it…the amount of effort it takes to chase each discrepancy down is simply not worth it.


I think a lot of people do, especially if you send in many multiples of the same SKU at a time. By it’s very nature, ours tend to be one-offs’ or two offs’, though there are a few which might have 20. This is maybe why we have never had any missing items, despite whether or not other posters here want to believe that or not. It’s certainly no skin off my nose not to say it how it is :joy: