Risk of deactivation


Can anyone advise on how I reduce my ODR without waiting the 60 days?
I do not no what i can do to reduce this.
My rate is currently sitting at 1.87% and at risk but unsure how i can reduce this other than ensuring no more A-Z’s etc are opened?


All you can do is to sell more items and try to prevent any further claims.
But it should go over time anyway, unless you get any more.


Hello @The_Lamp_Post_Elect1,

As per the information provided I understand that you want to reduce the Order Defect Rate which is currently trending at 1.87%.

To bring the Order defect rate under the threshold of 1% there are few ways apart from waiting for the 60 days’ time period, kindly follow the below points:

1 - We strongly suggest that you work with buyers to resolve negative feedback as they can update the feedback from their end. Click on the link below to understand the policy of removing feedback:

LINK - https://sellercentral.amazon.in/gp/help/20231

If you think the feedback is against Amazon policies then you can ask for a removal of feedback by following the below steps:

Seller central home page --> performance tab --> Feedback --> on the right hand side of the feedback you will find "Choose One", click on the dropdown --> select "Request Removal" --> Click on Yes

Similarly for A-Z guarantee Claims you can appeal using the following below steps:

Seller central home page --> performance tab --> A- Z Guarantee Claims --> Click on “Option to appeal” to see the orders which you can appeal to remove them.

For both the negative Feedback and the A-Z Claim would be reversed only if the complaints are against Amazon policies.

For a permanent solution you have to understand why are you getting those defects? How you can prevent those problems from happening in the near future? If you can figure out these problems and take remedies accordingly, you will stop getting negative feedback and A-Z Claims simultaneously your Order Defect Rate will be under the threshold.

Good Luck,