Royal Mail Click & Drop


As I want to qualify for Prime I was told that I need a Royal Mail Online business account, which I applied for. Royal Mail say that I need to purchase my shipping through their Click & Drop platform. Amazon help says that I have to purchase it on the Seller Central Platform or my metrics will be affected. If I do this I cannot produce a Royal Mail manifest and many post offices do not accept the Tracked 24 service items which means I need to go to a location miles away to post.

Does anyone else have a Royal Mail OBA account? Please shed some light on how you do this as I have been going around in circles for days on this issue and feel like I’m going to pull my hair out!


You produce the manifest for these on amazon - orders - order reports - end of day forms

You’ll still be billed by amazon


Thank you so much! I have literally been asking this question to the help team every day and they have not addressed it.

Just to clarify - Royal Mail also have targets to keep my online business account with them. So does this mean that I am no longer a Click & Drop customer?


You are as you still pay RM and not amazon


I have the same problem.

But I saw that here have 2 differents answers.

  • You’ll still be billed by amazon
  • You are as you still pay RM and not amazon

Who will charge for this service? Amazon or RM?

And how to manifest these parcels for RM driver collect them and scan?



I’ve responded on your thread


I don’t bother with purchased by Amazon as get mine collected from home as full time cater for parent. The on,y times I’m allowed out are hospital appointments which have been three times this week.