Royal Mail delivery not showing


I have had another customer today claim her item was not delivered. It is the 3rd in a Month.
All items I send via Royal Mail, I have an OBA and now use the Click an Drop service, so print all labels and all have tracking (if scanned by the postman) Luckily all showed these items as delivered within 2 days!
I hand make and personalise all orders, so cannot be sent via Amazon, receiving these items in 2 days is excellent, but as Amazon do not update the delivery on the customers account I keep getting these scammers trying it on!! It is so frustrating. One ordered back in July and must of just noticed it was showing as ‘Late’ or ‘missing’ on Amazons system, so tried it on!
Does anyone know why the Amazon system does not show the items sent this way as delivered? EBay do!!
I have my Royal Mail account linked to both Amazon and eBay, so both automatically mark the item as dispatched and provide the tracking number, but once it is scanned on delivery, Amazon do not show this!
I refer the customers to the Royal Mail track and trace website, showing the correct tracking information and explain Amazon do not update delivery of all items sent via Royal Mail, then never hear back from them… A simple system update from Amazon would stop these dishonest customers.
Thanks Sarah


I find it’s mostly an issue with Large Letters. Amazon just do not recognise the tracking for them. Amazon actually send the customers notifications saying the order may be late or lost.
Customers then automatically ask for refunds even though it’s been delivered.
Sometimes it’s a mistake with customers not realising which item it is and just blindly assuming Amazon are correct, sometimes it’s people thinking it’s an opportunity to get free stuff. On occasion people actually email to say Amazon are incorrect and they have received the order.

Very frustrating.


The situation is actually worse than that. Amazon is sending messages to buyers telling them their item has been delayed “it’s running late” is the phrase they use. Of course the buyer has received their goods but the message from Amazon encourages them to ‘try it on’.

This has been going on for over a year. Amazon say they can’t do anything about it.

There is a recent thread about it here:


We had the same problem when we where using crl 24 and 48 if you upload the tracking number that royal mail provide it will automatically cause amazon to send out late emails, we decided it was not worth the hassle so we went back to BPL
We called out a lot of scammers by using the delivery confirmation method but in the end its not worth it for us as we sell low value items,
We opened a case with amazon and it went on for 16 months with no resolution.


I’m having the same issue, mine is worse because they seem to send it on items which are sent by letter therefore have no tracking id. How Amazon think they can have the information to tell the customer its running late on something sent by second class normal letter post is beyond me.


I send an email to every buyer saying thank you and more importantly telling them when they can expect to receive their item and how it has been sent.


Thanks for your replies, I did not know they can also send out emails saying it is delayed!! That’s so bad. EBay are linked the same to my Royal Mail click and drop account, and update the delivery information, so for Amazon to say they cannot do anything is wrong, they update the tracking number so the link clearly works. They should also be able to mark it as delivered okay too!
I expect it is more to do with Amazon wanting sellers to use their couriers, Amazon to dispatch items. But as I said, mine are handmade to order, they cannot be sat in a warehouse ready to ship out.

I do send each customer a thank you message, explain it is sent via Royal Mail, but this has not stopped them trying to claim it has not arrived!! I think I may add this to my message -

“… I post items via Royal Mail, items sent via Royal Mail are not always undated correctly on Amazons system and can show as ‘late’ ‘delayed’ or even ‘Missing’ but this is all incorrect.
The tracking number is always provided so customers can check on the Royal Mail Track and Trace website for accurate information…”

Hopefully that may help??? But I am getting more and more bounce back messages now, as customers have opted out getting them, so it won’t reach everyone anyway.

Be a lot easier if Amazon just updated the delivery!!

Have a great weekend everyone :smile: