Royal Mail did not process any mail for the last 2 weeks


There is…and it’s the same as always…ie, no response to your diatribes which are deleted in two days, so nobody will have to read them anyway :joy::rofl::laughing:


All couriers carried on working throughout the pandemic, as did millions of other people. I can’t say I look on RM as being heroes of the covid times sorry.


No need to apologise, just a statement of fact, as we are talking about RM here, other couriers weren’t mentioned. Besides, you have a vested interest anyway because you’ve already previously stated you were moving away from RM or have done so already.

From my personal point of view, I look upon anybody who worked in “Covid times” as you put it, to keep us all going, no matter which industry, as heroes. Some even died as a result of doing so. Like I said previously, some folk have short memories…or maybe, selective ones? :thinking:


Then you’re being extremely selective. Other couriers didn’t carry the Covid testing kits. Other couriers don’t have anything like the volume of deliveries RM do. Other couriers don’t have to walk their routes.


I feel OP pain - we had 1 sack that appears to have gone missing that was collected on the 18th November.
It was only one sack, but it was full of Large Letter sized £9.99 advent calendars - we got 35 refunds so far, and our voice of the customer rating has it now rated as Very Poor. It was only one bag, but an expensive one, and because we send using RM48, there is no come back on Royal Mail so no claims to be made :0(

They really aren’t doing a great job of things this year - I appreciate the strikes, and IMHO only they can decide if their pay is fair (I’m not getting into that argument!), but their action is hurting small businesses at their most vital trading period and personally I don’t think that makes very good business sense (essentially they are killing the business they want more money from). We now have our collection guy turning up on first day after strikes refusing to take anything but 1st class because he can’t fit the sacks on his van, making the situation even worse.


A Covid testing kit is just a piece of mail. Royal Mail did very well out of that contract. So what they walk, it’s not difficult to do deliveries and stay socially distanced.

Anyway apologies to the Op, for slightly derailing your thread. Sorry to hear that the strikes are having such a profound effect on your business. We too are getting an increased level of customer complaints and I’m sure it will get worse.


I can understand why, because there will be a lot of backlog to clear and I suppose it makes sense to deal with 24 (1st class) as priority over 48 (2nd). I note the OP mentions their issue is non-processing on any 48 for the last two weeks. Assuming this is correct, then my sense (had I been sending FBM myself) would to have maybe upgraded postage to 24 and taken the hit, knowing that 24 would be processes first. Maybe the OP couldn’t afford to do so, I don’t know their circumstances, but that’s what I would have done.

When we did FBM, we used to always upgrade to 1st class from 2nd class during December, at our cost, so that customers could be confident of stuff arriving in time, which (invariably) it did :smiley:


Royal Mail are utterly shambolic now. In a moment of madness last Monday I sent a package Guaranteed Next Day. It arrived on Friday. It took Royal Mail two days to scan it at the Sorting Office. As others have said, RM48 is at the bottom of the heap. I am in the same position as my main business is large letters and there is no real competition.


Yeah, we have done exactly the same thing. It is helping protect our on time delivery rates too, as we haven’t edited the listings from RM48, but send it out RM24 regardless. It’s helped a lot.


it is my understanding that royal mail prioritise the current days mail, so backlogs build up due to this. the prioritisation is due to a bonus system based on daily performance. no doubt if this was altered it would cause a strike?


And yet they are crying that they’re broke. To me that suggests poor management.


Didn’t realise the workers were the ones contracted for that.


It’s not ideal, of course it isn’t, because it eats into your margins. However (as you rightly say) it protects delivery rates, especially when there was no guarantee that Amazon would protect them in the first place. Short term financial pain for (hopefully) long term financial gain.


You need to call or message Amazon and explain the situation. If you go to the performance tab and then click account health, you’ll see an option on the right to call me now - speak to an account health specialist. They might be able to resolve the negative feedback etc.


I’m in the same situation with RM48 post not having been processed for 1-2 weeks - I thought everyone was, i’ve even had international tracked items picked up and then not actually scanned in. I think the vans are collecting post and then just putting it in a pile to be looked at another day…


The postie who delivers to my house is a lovely chap and doing his best at these times. That’s what we all need to remember here… Everyone is doing their best and doing what they feel is right. I hope a compromise comes soon from both sides so normal service can be resumed. None of us come out good if these strikes continue. Or if RM get what they want and rid themselves of the letters business, among other things regarding contracts and conditions.


You can’t tell really on the face of it from amazon without doing a bit of searching but on ebay, it shows on the orders dashboard if an item has actually been delivered and whilst I can see a 2 or 3 day delay, my RM48s are being delivered as normal

Maybe those that are having difficulties should state which depots they are using


But this can’t be everywhere because we’ve bought some stuff in from various places in the last few days, some personal stuff from Ebay and these items have all been by RM48 and all have arrived within an extra day of EDD.


After so many calls yesterday, finally I got someone from our local depot, who said he will check and call back in 5 min. 2 hours later still no call from that person, so I called again. I was assured I will be called back from the sorting office and they did it after 30 min… to say we had 3 parcels instead of LL on Friday 2nd Dec. I thought he is joking. I had to interrupt him and explain why I called so many times yesterday, so he agreed to send an email with the details, because I need to use it as a proof of delays.
Today I found his email in the spam folder, in which he said that they found 3 parcels instead of LL, the same thing he started with when called. No mention of any mail delays, just “You owe us money and we’ll take it”. I am so furious at the moment.

After I opened Royal Mail’s theft in form of “surcharges” topic and we won together, it seems to be the time to challenge them again. My concern is that after RM scam failed in April this year, few months later was introduced the next big theft - Fuel Surcharge increased from 6% to 8% in July 2022. I questioned few times over the phone, but I got no clear explanation what exactly is the Fuel Surcharge and why I can’t find any detailed information about it. Furthermore, if it involves the cost of the fuel, then I don’t see any decrease of the Fuel Surcharge and I don’t believe they will do it. It’s just another cash flow stream. Royal Mail’s head stuff are very arrogant people and they will keep squeezing us, the same as many other big company in the last nearly 3 years. I believe: Together we can do it!


I was told yesterday, they won’t process any RM48 and 2nd Class mail, until they clear the rest of the mail. A little bit too late to know that.