Royal mail integration


i am trying to integrate my amazon selling account with royal mail click and drop. i have been given a link to sign up to get access to MWS authorisation token. but it is asking me to sign up as a developer when i am not a developer. any help how to get these codes easily and quickly if there is any other way?
all replies will be appreciated.


Just spoke to support and I am in same boat as you and you have to apply and await them processing, I am just doing mine now.


image navigate to apps page using this link - authorise Royal Mail - once you get a amazon token, place token id into RM dashboard


Appstore>Manage your apps click on authorise new developer.

Developers name : RM Click and Drop
Developer ID : 9338-6146-3834

This should give you an MWS token.
You need your seller ID (settings>account info>your merchant token) and the MWS authorisation token. to also authorise this in click and drop.


thanks for your help. how do i get my seller id?


Your seller ID shows on your seller profile page after &seller=

and here for your Merchant Token


I stumbled upon this thread as I was in the same boat. Thanks so much for the simple instruction Eureka_Jack, why cant RM and Amazon give us these simple instructions instead of complicating things so much!


Thanks for your comments. All the best.