Royal Mail OBA changes to barcode labels



Has anyone else received an email from Royal Mail this morning regarding changes to terms and conditions ? It sounds like the end of PPI
Changes to items sent with unbarcoded labels
If you are affected by this change, you will have received our recent communication about us withdrawing all products that do not carry a 2D barcoded label, and the need to register for migration by 30 June 2021.

As a result, all customers using unbarcoded or 1D barcoded labels will need to begin migrating to, and to continue using, a solution that prints out 2D barcoded labels. 2D barcodes are data‑rich barcodes generated through shipping solutions, that enable Royal Mail to link an item to the posting customer’s account.

This change will impact the following services:

  • Royal Mail 1st Class
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class
  • Royal Mail 24®
  • Royal Mail 48®
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®by 9am or by 1pm
  • Royal Mail Signed For®

We’ll be in touch to provide you with your exact migration date and to support you through this process. If you’re unable to migrate to any of the shipping solutions, please let us know, by visiting

For more information, please go to

Changes to Business Mail and Advertising Mail
Business Mail and Advertising Mail customers will no longer be able to process Royal Mail Signed For® services via their Online Business Account (OBA). Any items requiring Royal Mail Signed For® will need to be processed separately via a shipping solution platform, where Signed For labels can be printed and applied to existing mail pieces.

From 12 July 2021, those customers using Royal Mail Signed For® will be contacted directly to begin their migration and supported through this change.


It only same as when they switched from a label with your HQ number on to the barcode label now they are moving again to a QR code label.
If you generate your labels on C&D then it already in use for your account mail.
On this occasion its the The OBA portal that is catching up to the C&D.



Yes i just spoken to my account manager, every code is being withdrawn for both domestic and international SU1 CRL IG1 etc
. Complete nightmare for us


I think with the new scanning machines in the depots they want everyone using a barcode service so that the weight and format can be checked by machine rather than humans


Going forward if you don’t want click and drop i am guessing Franking machines or stamps are the only options


It is exactly that. But should not make a difference to average weight as i think the opp seems to imply.
You used to have a label that contained your HQ***** number then they issued you a barcode to replace that now it will be a 2d/QR code that conations all info in one scan. But their machines are issuing false surcharges such as mine a 14g letter they claim weight 1.2kg. My first surcharge in 10years using a business account.


It doesn’t - on click and drop you still have to put the actual weight of an item and the system calculates the average weight of all items at the end so when the scanner reads the barcode, the system says 277g (thats what you told it) - the actual item then should be no less or more than that weight bracket ie between 251-500g


Whaty dates are the codes being withdrawn?
The email just states that you need to register for migration by 30th June, i.e. register for C&D


Its in the 2d code already in use for C&D.


I think 1st July, i have submitted the form in the email to say i am unable to migrate to click and drop - to see what happens hopefully at the very least it will delay it


Royal Mail usually give 3 to 6 months notice when they do changes like this, waiting for account manager to call me back


yes same on click and drop - if i have 100 items that average weight at 95g but have 2 items at 400g, i can put those 2 400g ones on a separate manifest


on click and drop or oba ?

if it was on OBA you’d put 5 x 78g

if it was on click and drop you’d put the actual postage on the order ie 150g on 3, 240g on 2 and then the system does all the calculations and prints the manifest for you - without you doing anything other than clicking ‘manifest’


If using OBA and therefore manually putting in the weight and format yourself, in that scenario you’d put 5 x 78g as long as they are all large letters and same class ie 2nd class


there isn’t but it should be the same price as your OBA account prices anyway and you can still check them on OBA if you wanted to check a price for a code you haven’t used before by doing a mock order


That’s the million dollar question, Ive never used the oba portal.
I have an oba but always used C&D with it so always been a 2D code.
What i did have if i wanted to use the OBA portal is a PPI impression that changed to a barcode probably 3 years back.
Ive have always used the C&D. I get avg weights use CRL code you can get everything is linked to your OBA.


I had a chat with Royal Mail account manager about this two weeks ago and he said it was only affecting parcels not letters or large letters currently?


Click & Drop can take a while to get your head around, but If used correctly I believe it to be faster. My orders are pulled into C&D, postage is applied automatically and all I have to do is bulk print the labels. Once marked as dispatched Amazon / eBay are updated with the correct delivery service details.


count yourself lucky, I had a phone call from Royal Mail and the operative let slip that I’m listed under ‘needs extra support’ :joy::joy::joy: