Royal mail query (not late post for a change :)( To VAT or not to VAt


We are currently going through the onerous task of becoming VAT registered and going throughthe process of checking and adjusting the prices on all of our lines to include VAT. Whilst doing this we would also like to check all the postgae that we have allowed on all the products (spreadsheet)

From What I understand the bpl prices exclude vat so we cannot reclaim any VAT but the CPL (RM48 and RM48 tracked) have vat so it can be reclaimed. Also the BPL has the basic cover of £20 for any ““lost”” packages were as the RM48 basic does not but the RM48 Tracked does (£100).

IS the CPL average weighted or is that a different system?

I have searched for the Rm tracked 48 prices but RM don’t seem publish them as they are mainly set business to business. I could set some through the system manifest them and then cancel them to check the prices as click and drop does ot show the prices on the OBA account but wondered if anyone had a list of these prices

rm48 tracked

Parcel <1000g
Parcel <2000g

Thankks in advance


RM 24 and 48 Tracked are purely your own contracted pricing

No 2 sellers will state the same price as its tailored to volume and weights

There’s also LBT too - letterbox tracked - again though, contracted pricing

Parcels just go up to 1 set weight depending on your average ie 2kg, 10kg, etc and LBT just go up to 750g

If your items are low value and mainly LL, I wouldn’t bother
Touch wood, we have very, very rarely had issues with standard CRL at half or even a third of the price

For parcels, the rm public website is currently offering special pricing for Tracked however, whilst it says VAT is included in the price, I cannot for love nor money find where to get a vat invoice

And just to add, it gets looked at every 6 months or so depending on volume so the mega sellers probably pay about £2.50 ish for a 2kg parcel. My price for the same is about £9 as I only sent 1 this year at 5kg


If you are buying them through click and drop have you tried looking in Payments then Invoices. This is where the RM invoices are for services not brought on account.


I’m not, I’m buying as a guest as I don’t have a private c&d account , only business and it says its not available for business use