Royalmail threatened to ruin my business


Hi everyone,

I recently started selling on amazon US and to my surprise I get a lot of orders. The items I sell are letter size so they are posted as a small letter by royalmail but royalmail has threatened to ruin my business by not delivering on time. I spend £7 on postage per item and estimated delivery time is 3 to 7 days from the UK to the US. I spend around £4000 each month on postages yet royalmail never deliver on time, it takes royalmail more than a month to deliver each item which is way beyond their 3 to 7 days estimated delivery. Some buyers after being tired of waiting start asking for a refund and amazon straight away refunds any buyer who complains. I seriously don’t know what to do.
I’ve tried to do prime but haven’t found any courier that will deliver to amazon warehouse US, one that I found (woodlands?) charged nearly $600 on less 4kg weight of merchandise.

I need a reliable courier other than royalmail to send items to the US or a courier that will ship to amazon US warehouse with a reasonable price.

Thank you in advance.


First of all, surely you are aware that the Corona virus is causing delays to all carriers - they have staff off sick or self-isolating, combined with exceptional numbers of orders from people who can’t get to shops and are therefore ordering online. They are trying to cope with double the usual number of orders with perhaps only half their staff, making a workload of 4 times normal for every staff member who is able to work. Second, Royal Mail are only responsible for getting your goods to the USA. Once they arrive there, it’s the US Postal Service that actually completes the delivery - and they probably have the same problems as Royal Mail. The postal services and other carriers are not deliberately trying to ruin your business or anyone else’s. I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with it, as are numerous other sellers on Amazon


Delivery time is normally 4-7 days but these are not normal times its totally idiotic to blame Royal Mail!
They are not delivering your items USPS are maybe you should think about the reasons for their late deliveries!

Stop shipping to the US while they & us are suffering from a pandemic.


In addition to what Stallion has said, and which I agree with 100%, you may also find that once your items arrive in US that they are being held at customs. The US are notorious for doing this.


TNT/Fedex, UPS, DHL will all ship jut fine to the US.


Thank you.
Highly apprecited.


That’s probably the best thing to do for now.

Thank you.


Can’t you just have Amazon deal with the shipping internally, ie, go FBA, send all your stock to the Amazon warehouse here then request that so many be transferred to the U. S Warehouse?
Not that im familiar with FBA but i think this iz easy enough to do Pan European. Id have thought it wouldn’t be much harder to have goods transferred to the US warehouse from the UK warehouse. At least that way any orders will be already over there so you can also offer quicker delivery.


Are your CN22 labels ‘printed’ clearly, as US postal system are refusing to process hand written customs labels, which likely is adding to the delays?